AliExpress Dispatched From Sorting Center

If you get a notification from AliExpress about your package being dispatched from the sorting center, you may wonder what this means. This is a common question as many customers don’t understand what a sorting center is or why your package was there.

AliExpress is good at updating the tracking information so that you know what is going on during the shipping process. The downside to this is that these notifications are not always completely straightforward for customers.

That is why it is a good idea to look into the notifications that you make get from AliExpress so that you know what to expect. Keep reading to find out what a dispatched from sorting center notification means from AliExpress.

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What Does Dispatched From Sorting Center Mean by AliExpress?

If you have gotten an update from AliExpress saying that your package has dispatched from the sorting center, this means that it has left the main facility. Once this happens, the package will be ready for overseas transit to its location.

The sorting center is the main sorting facility of the mail carrier in China. When you get this notification this is a good sign as it shows that your package is moving forward with the shipping process.

Once your mail has dispatched from the sorting center in China, it will begin its overseas journey to you. This is necessary for international mail as it has a long way to go to get to its final destination.

This is a notification that you should keep your eyes out for, as this is when your package’s true journey will begin. Once it has left the sorting center in China, you can start to watch its progress as it makes its way to you.

All of these updates will be on the tracking information for AliExpress with a tracking code that you have been given. This will update every time your package is removed and scanned as it goes to different locations.

This can help you to have an idea of where your package is and when it will arrive.

Why Is AliExpress Stuck on Dispatched From Sorting Center Update?

If you got the package dispatch from sorting center update from AliExpress, but it has not been updated, you may be wondering what’s gone wrong. This is not an uncommon issue as this information will not update if your package is stuck in transit.

AliExpress Dispatched From Sorting Center

This is not uncommon for AliExpress as these packages have quite a long way to go and a complicated journey to make. This can result in long delays and very long transit times for certain packages in certain situations.

Is important to know whether your package is sea bound or air bound as this will drastically impact the delivery time. Sea-bound packages can take several weeks to make it through transit and get to the United States.

Air delivered packages are delivered by plane and will only take a few days to get through transit. So you will need to know which delivery method is being used for your package so that you know what time to expect for transit.

If your package is stuck on dispatch from sorting center, you can always call the seller to discuss the issue with them. Just make sure you know whether the package is using sea-bound or air-bound shipping.

It is very typical for seabound shipping to take several weeks, but if it goes over four weeks, there’s definitely something wrong. For air-bound shipping, you should call the seller if the package has not been updated in two weeks.

What Happens After an AliExpress Package Leaves a Sorting Center?

After your AliExpress package has left the sorting center, it will begin transit overseas. This is necessary as the AliExpress sorting center is based in China and has to go overseas to get to United States customers.

What Happens After an AliExpress Package Leaves a Sorting Center

So after your package has left the sorting center, it will begin transit which can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. This is the part of the shipping journey where it is making its way to the United States.

Keep in mind that your package will have to go through customs once it reaches the United States since it is an international package. This process can take several days extra as it has to be cleared to continue the shipping process.

Once the package has been cleared by customs, a United States mail carrier will pick up the package and begin the next step of the journey. This will be delivering the package to its destination as quickly as possible.

So you can expect to see your package making multiple stops along the way, such as:

  • Going to transit
  • Arriving at customs
  • Being released by customs
  • Being shipped to its destination.

What Does AliExpress Mean When a Package Is Dispatched From a Sorting Center?

A notification from AliExpress saying that your package has been dispatched from the sorting center indicates that the package is ready for transit. When your package leaves the sorting center, it is leaving the carrier in China to make its overseas journey.

This is a very positive notification as it lets you know that your package is on the next step of its journey. The sooner it gets to the United States, the sooner you will be able to get your package from a local mail carrier.

Keep in mind that there are several stops that your package has to make once it does reach the United States, such as making its way through customs.

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