Applebee’s Half Price Apps

Are you craving Applebee’s and want to find out what the half-price apps are all about? This is a common question as the half-price apps at Applebee’s are very well known and are a popular option at this restaurant chain.

Applebee’s is well known for its array of delicious and filling appetizers that are oftentimes the star of the show. It also stays popular by offering a wide assortment of special deals and discounts to its customers.

To find out what the half-priced apps are at Applebee’s and hope you can get them, keep reading.

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What Are Applebee’s Half Price Apps?

Applebee’s offers a special deal where its appetizers are only half-priced at certain parts of the day. This is offered from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the evening when all appetizers are marked down to 50% off for all customers.

This is a beloved deal that many Applebee’s customers take full advantage of. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite appetizers without spending too much money every week eating out.

This also allows people getting off of work to stop by Applebee’s to pick up their favorite appetizer at half the price. It is available in the evening, making it the perfect time for dinner or a late evening snack.

Applebee’s has managed to stay well above its competition by offering delicious options across its menu. You can get desserts, appetizers, entrees, drinks, and kids food all in one place where the food is always high-quality.

All of its specials and discounts haven’t hurt either and have helped to keep its customers excited for more.

Are Applebee’s Half-Priced Apps Available Every Day?

The half-priced apps at Applebee’s are a deal that is available to customers every day. Though there are time limitations to being able to get this deal, you can get half-priced apps every day of the week as long as Applebee’s is open.

Applebee’s Half Price Apps

You will have to wait until 3 p.m. to be able to get a 50% off appetizer, but after that, they are available until 9 p.m. This gives you plenty of time to grab an appetizer for dinner or as a late evening snack.

What Kinds of Appetizers Does Applebee’s Have?

Applebee’s is known for its wide assortment of mouth-watering appetizers. It is one of many restaurants to specialize in appetizers that make their customers keep coming back for more.

What Are Applebee’s Half Price Apps

Some people even eat at Applebee’s purely for the appetizers because they are just that good. At Applebee’s you can expect to see appetizers like:

  • The classic combo
  • Boneless wings
  • Double crunch boneless wings
  • Brew pub pretzels and dip
  • Onion rings
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Breadsticks
  • Grilled chicken wonton tacos

These are the delicious appetizer options that you have at Applebee’s. There are many specials that Applebee’s also offers that you can use to get discounts on your favorite appetizers.

The half-priced apps deal is just one of many specials at Applebee’s that keeps customers coming back for more. These deals can help you to save money while still being able to eat the food that you love.

Many of these appetizers are quite large and are perfect to share with a group or to eat all on their own as a full meal.

Are Applebee’s Appetizers Free?

In 2021, Applebee’s started a special called Apps for Apps. This was used to garner attention to its goal of hiring a massive amount of new employees for all of its restaurant locations.

This special allowed applicants to get a free appetizer for applying at an Applebee’s location. The people applying had to have an in-person interview on May the 17th in order to apply for the free appetizer.

The applicants had to be 18-years-old or older, and they would get a voucher for a free appetizer of their choice. This was a special deal that was only avaliable on May the 17th of 2021.

As far as we know, that deal is no longer available, meaning that applicants looking to work at Applebee’s can’t get a free app for applying. Applebee’s may bring it back sometime this year, but there is no knowing if it will or not.

There is really no other way to get a free appetizer unless you use one of the special deals at Applebee’s. Some deals are so good that you practically get a free appetizer with your meal if you play your cards right.

How Does Applebee’s Two for $20 Work?

The Applebee’s two for $20 deal is a great special that allows customers to get a very generous amount of food. This allows you to choose one shareable appetizer and two full-sized meals.

This is a very generous spread and is a complete steal at just $20 for the entire meal. With this deal, you can get $40 worth of food for half that by using Applebee’s two for $20 special.

Your entree options include some of the most popular Applebee’s foods, such as pasta, chicken, salad, or steak meals. These are all delicious and give you very large portions to enjoy.

You also have several options for the shareable appetizer that you can choose from. These appetizers tend to be large and are some of the most popular apps on the menu at Applebee’s.

Overall, this is a great deal that most people could enjoy at Applebee’s. Just keep in mind that some Applebee’s locations may not offer it, so you may want to ask before ordering.

What Are Applebee’s Half-Priced Appetizers?

The half-priced apps at Applebee’s are appetizers that are 50% off from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day. This is one of the most popular deals at Applebee’s, as many customers flock to get their half-priced apps.

This is just one of the many deals that Applebee’s offers concerning its food. You can also get a two for $20 special. This includes two entrees with one shareable appetizer at the affordable price of $20.

These are all very popular deals at Applebee’s, and customers can’t seem to get enough of its appetizer options.

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