Can I Do Doordash With DUI?

If you want to start working as a dasher for Doordash, you may be wondering if you can still dash if you have a DUI. This is important to know as it could save you the time of applying for a dasher’s position.

Doordash is generally a very laid-back company that is easy to start working for. It has few restrictions and generally hires most of the people who apply.

To find out more about Doordash’s policies around DUIs, keep reading.

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Can I Doordash Even If I Have a DUI?

Doordash typically does not hire drivers who have gotten a DUI in the past seven years. Like many Doordash restrictions, however, this is not always set in stone and you may get lucky. Typically dashers say that you have a 50% chance of it going either way.

Generally, Doordash is pretty strict when it comes to DUIs since that is a curious driving offense. However, it is not a guarantee that you won’t get hired if you have a DUI, especially if it was several years ago.

A recent DUI is almost certainly a reason for your application to be rejected, while an older one gives you a better chance. The general length of time is seven years, but Doordash isn’t always that exact.

The details of your DUI can also affect whether or not Doordash will hire you. This could include any details in association with how the charges were made.

So either way, it is usually worth the time to send in your Doordash application. There is always a chance that you still may get hired, especially if Doordash is currently needing more drivers.

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Does Doordash’s Background Check for DUIs?

Doordash always does a background check during the application process to check for anything that goes against its policies. This background check always includes looking for any present DUIs.

If you have ever had a DUI, Doordash will be able to see that when it does your background check. That is unless your DUI was completely removed from your record for some reason.

You cannot hide DUIs from Doordash as they will show up with your other records. Doordash will look over your DUI details to decide whether or not to reject or accept your application.

If you believe a rejection to be unfair, you can always try to explain the situation in relation to the charges. Occasionally applicants are able to get Doordash’s decision reversed in their favor.

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What Will Disqualify Me From Doordash?

Can I Do Doordash With DUI

Though Doordash is generally very easy to get hired by and has few rules and restrictions, there are a few things that it does not allow. These are things that it will look for when going over your background check.

DUIs are something that Doordash will look for as well as other driving-related charges. Applicants cant have had any violations in regards to a disqualified or expired driver’s license, they also can’t have been involved in a hit and run.

Unreported accidents will also show up along with any criminal charges that are on your record. Doordash will specifically look for any violent or sexual crimes that could potentially create danger for its customers.

Overall, Doordash will ignore most charges as long as they were seven years ago or older. If it really needs drivers, it may overlook more as long as you do not have any recent charges.

Many dashers still had success getting hired even if they had a criminal record, as long as it was not too severe or recent. This is part of why Doordash is such a great place to work.

Can I Doordash If I Have a DUI?

If you have a DUI, there is no guarantee that your application will be rejected or accepted, it really depends. It could depend on the details of your DUI as well as how recent it is.

Many people are still able to become dashers if their DUI is over five to seven years old. Typically, Doordash requires charges to be seven years prior, but this can often be flexible.

Many dashers say that you have around a 50% chance of either getting rejected or hired. It can depend on a lot of different things and isn’t always a guaranteed rejection.

Doordash will also look into other criminal charges when doing your background check. Other kinds of charges could also end in a rejection depending on how serious they are and when the charges were filed.

Generally, Doordash has a very high percentage of people hired versus people who are rejected. It is considered to be one of the easiest food delivery companies to get hired by.

Because of this, even if you do have a DUI, it may be well worth still sending your application. You never know if it could be overlooked, and you may get hired and be able to start dashing.

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