Can You Use a Gift Card on Doordash?

If you want to place an order through Doordash, you may be wondering if it will accept gift cards. This is a great question to ask, as you may have restaurant gift cards that you can use to order food.

Doordash has a policy surrounding its available payment methods, so it is a good idea to know what exactly you can pay with. To find out if you can pay for a Doordash order with a gift card, keep reading to find out.

Can You Use a Gift Card for Doordash Order?

You cannot order through Doordash using a gift card as Doordash is a third-party company that isn’t affiliated with the restaurants. This makes it impossible for Doordash to accept gift cards designed for restaurants, even if that restaurant is available on Doordash.

This is because these kinds of gift cards are designed only to pay for that particular restaurant. This prohibits them from being able to be used for other purposes, such as paying Doordash fees.

Doordash does not just charge its customers for the food, it charges certain fees as well. This includes a delivery fee, service fee, and an optional tip for the driver. These expenses cannot be taken off of the restaurant gift card.

This would put Doordash in a predicament where it would have to change the way a customer can check out. In order to use a gift card, the customer would also need a second way of paying to cover the Doordash fees.

This overcomplicates the entire process and would require that too many changes be made to the checkout process. Two payment methods used at once also doubles the number of issues that you could run into.

What is a Doordash Gift Card?

The good thing about Doordash not accepting restaurant gift cards is that it actually found a solution to this problem. It does not accept gift cards, but Doordash did create its very own gift card.

This Doordash gift card is designed especially for Doordash, where it can be used to order food as well as pay for the fees. This is the perfect option and allows customers to still enjoy the benefits of a gift card.

It can also be bought in the same way as Doordash gift cards as many places now carry this kind of card. This allows for people to easily buy this for friends or family who enjoy using Doordash to order out.

All you have to do is enter in the gift card information in the payment section of Doordash, just like you would on any other website.

Just keep in mind that this Doordash gift card is designed only for Doordash. It cannot be used to buy food anywhere else.

What Payment Methods Does Doordash Accept?

Can You Use a Gift Card on Doordash-

Doordash has a very reasonable list of payment methods that it does except, despite not taking gift cards. This includes credit and debit cards, Paypal, and the Doordash gift card.

These are the payment options that customers have when ordering from Doordash. You can use several of these options as well if you want to have more than one option to use.

You can set up several payment options in your Doordash account and save them to your profile. You can also set a default payment method which Doordash recommends doing for ease of use.

Having a default payment method makes it easier to pay and checkout without having to stop to pick a payment option.

Is Doordash Expensive?

Doordash is considered to be a pretty expensive food delivery service to use for takeout. It is very close in prices to how much GrubHub is for takeout.

The biggest issue with Doordashe is that it has a lot of hidden fees. These kinds of fees are not easy to spot and can easily make your order much more expensive than it should be.

It does this by increasing the price of the food shown on the app. This extra money ends up going into Doordash’s pocket and isn’t even going to cover the food.

These hidden fees add up very quickly without you even realizing it, along with Doordash’s other fees. These often include a delivery fee, service fee, sales tax, and the option to tip.

You can expect the average delivery fee to be about $2 and the other fees to be just over $1. This doesn’t look like much at first but will quickly add up in combination with the other hidden fees and your food cost.

Can You Order on Doordash with a Gift Card?

Can You Use a Gift Card on Doordash

You cannot order on Doordash and pay with a gift card, this kind of payment method is not allowed. This is because gift cards are specifically made to only pay for the items from that restaurant, it cannot cover anything else.

Doordash is a third-party service that isn’t affiliated with any restaurants, so it cannot take money from a gift card. When you order from Doordash, you are paying for more than just the food, you are having to pay fees as well.

A gift card cannot cover any Doordash fees as it can only be used to pay for the food ordered from that restaurant.

The good thing is that Doordash came out with its own gift card to help solve this issue. Now customers can give and use the Doordash gift card to order off of Doordah without any issues.

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