Do Grubhub Drivers Get Rated?

When you order food on Grubhub, you want to get it quick and fresh. However, a lot can keep that from happening, including a poor driver.

You might wonder if you can rate a Grubhub driver if they’re late or have other issues. Here’s what you should know about rating drivers on Grubhub.

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Can You Rate Grubhub Drivers?

Restaurants can rate Grubhub drivers, but customers can’t. Customers will receive a survey after they get their order, so they can “rate” drivers that way. They can also contact Grubhub if they want to report a significant problem with the driver.

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Grubhub doesn’t do driver ratings like other gig apps, but customers and restaurants can still speak up if a driver isn’t doing their job.

Why Grubhub Doesn’t Allow Customers to Rate Drivers

Grubhub probably has a few reasons why customers can’t rate drivers. For one, Grubhub tends to focus on a driver’s acceptance rate. They use that to allow drivers to schedule blocks or to get priority for better orders.

Also, a lot of problems that happen are out of the driver’s hands. For example, drivers aren’t responsible for a restaurant taking forever to prepare your order. If Grubhub allowed customers to review drivers, customers might give more bad reviews than drivers deserve.

However, if you’re a merchant, you can rate drivers. It’s unclear how you do this, but you can contact Grubhub with questions to start rating drivers.

How to Provide Feedback About a Driver

While you can’t rate drivers directly, you can still provide feedback. It’s unclear if the driver will receive feedback from some of these methods.

However, it’s still a good idea to do the following, especially if something goes very wrong or if the order is great.

Fill Out the Survey

After you receive your food, Grubhub should send you a survey to fill out online. Take the time to fill out the survey in detail. Include as much information as you can when answering the prompts.

That’s especially important when it comes to the delivery experience. If the driver was rude or didn’t follow your directions, let Grubhub know.

Grubhub might not send the feedback to the driver. However, they might notice a trend in customer surveys. If multiple customers say the same things, Grubhub could tie it back to the same driver and perhaps suspend them or give them a warning.

Contact Grubhub Directly

You might have a significant issue with a delivery driver, so you can contact Grubhub. The company can look into the situation and the driver.

While the survey may be enough to report a problem, Grubhub might miss it. Contacting the company means someone has to respond. You can ask them to look into the case and take disciplinary action against the driver if it makes sense.

Be sure you have the order number or other details to give to Grubhub. Since you aren’t going through the survey, the company will need that information to connect the complaint to the correct order and driver.

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Message the Driver

If you want to thank the driver, you should be able to message them for about 15 or 30 minutes after they drop off your food. Now, you probably shouldn’t contact the driver if you want to complain about them.

Odds are, they’ll get defensive, or they may even report you to Grubhub. But if you had a great experience or someone followed your delivery instructions perfectly, thank them.

How to Review Grubhub Merchants

While customers can’t review drivers, they can review restaurants. You can go into your Grubhub account and search for the restaurant you want to rate. Look for the review section, and comment based on your experience.

Don’t just rate a restaurant because you want to. Even if you’ve eaten there before, you should only rate restaurants on Grubhub that you’ve ordered from using the app. That way, other customers will get a better idea of how the merchant does on Grubhub orders.

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Do Grubhub Drivers Have Ratings?

Grubhub drivers can have ratings that come from merchants. However, customers can’t leave ratings for drivers. Customers can use the survey or contact Grubhub directly if they want to report a problem with the driver for an order. You can also message the driver right after delivery if you want to thank them.

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