Does Academy Price Match?

Academy Sports is an excellent store to buy sports and other outdoor gear. But before you checkout, you may wonder if you’re getting the best deal.

Many stores offer to price match other retailers so that you can save money and time. Consider if Academy is one of those places.

Does Academy Sports Price Match?

Academy Sports does price match other retailers. They’ll even charge you 5% less than the competition. The store will also match their own online prices when you shop in person, so you don’t have to wait for shipping.

Of course, your items do have to meet certain criteria to qualify. Keep that in mind before you buy anything.

Academy Sports Price Match Policy

Academy Sports will price match other retailers in your city and certain online stores and lower that price by 5%. However, you have to prove another store has a lower price on something identical to what Academy Sports carries.

Academy Sports Price Match Policy

The item also has to be in stock, though it’s unclear if it has to be available at both stores. You also have to show an ad to prove there’s a lower price.

So you might not be able to just take a picture of a lower price at another store. Be sure you bring the ad with you when you shop at Academy Sports. If you don’t have a print ad, you can also pull up a digital copy on your phone.

For online orders, you can send the ad through an email or physical mail. The lower price has to be valid when you make the purchase. You can also only price match one item per day. Sale items aren’t eligible for the policy.

Online Retailers They Match

If you find a lower price online, it has to come from one of the following places:

  • Hibbett Sports
  • Cabela’s
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Champs Sporting Goods
  • Fanatics
  • East Bay
  • Kansas Sampler
  • Carter’s Country
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • REI
  • Gander Outdoors
  • Scheels All Sports
  • Rally House

You can also check prices at Target and Walmart online. The store will even match Amazon prices, but the prices can’t be from third-party sellers. However, if Amazon itself sells an item for less, Academy Sports will match it.

Their Own Online Price Match

You might also want to check the Academy Sports website when shopping in their stores. The company will price match their own online listings.

Their Own Online Price Match

However, they won’t give you the extra 5% discount like when price matching other retailers. The same is true if you place an online order but find a lower price in-store. Academy will match it but won’t beat it.

Why Price Match at Academy Sports

There are a few excellent reasons to price match at Academy Sports. Other stores offer similar policies, but the Academy Sports policy is unique.

Consider the following benefits of checking prices before you head to the checkout line.

Get the Best Deal

Some other retailers will price match their competitors, which is great. However, Academy Sports goes a step further and gives you a 5% discount from that lower price.

That almost guarantees you’ll get the best deal on your purchase. It can be easy to miss other competitors with even lower prices, so the discount helps cover that.

If you want to save as much money on your purchase, you should use this price match program versus one at another store.

Save Time

Maybe you’re already at Academy Sports, and you receive an email from Dick’s about a sale. But the Dick’s in your city is on the other side of town.

Does Academy Price Match

Instead of driving to the other store, you can show that ad to the employees at Academy Sports to get a lower price. Then, you won’t have to waste time and gas to get to the other shop.

That can be especially nice if you have other errands to run in the area. You can stay near Academy Sports to go to the grocery store or wherever else you have to stop.

Avoid Shipping Delays

Sometimes, the site may have lower prices. But you might not want to deal with having to wait for shipping.

In that case, you should still check the website when you’re at the store. If you find a lower price online, you can ask Academy Sports to match the price.

They won’t give you the extra discount, but you also won’t have to wait for shipping. And you won’t have to pay any shipping fees.

Will Academy Sports Price Match?

Academy Sports will price match local stores and a few online stores. However, you can only price match one item per day, and it has to be identical and available for purchase right then. Luckily, the store also matches its own online prices to help you save even more. Either way, make sure you have a copy of the ad to prove there’s a lower price out there.

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