Does Aldi Sell Ice?

If you need to buy some ice for a party or to have around for cold drinks, you may want to know if Aldi sells ice. This is a common question as many people have a hard time finding places that sell ice by the bag.

Generally, only grocery stores sell ice unless some convenience stores carry it. This can make it hard to find out where you can buy a bag of ice for a party, barbecue, or just to have at home.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Aldi carries ice that you can buy.

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Can I Buy Ice at Aldi?

Aldi is one of many grocery stores to carry bags of ice that its customers can buy. This is a common practice since there aren’t many places where you can buy ice except in grocery stores. This is something that is usually available in a special section of the store.

Aldi carries 10-pound bags of ice, which is typically the smallest size that you can buy. This will not usually be in the freezer section of the store with the frozen goods.

Ice is typically stored near the front of the store in special freezers. You do not have to grab a bag and bring it to the register and risk having it melt as you stand in line.

Most grocery stores will allow you to simply let the cashier know that you want a bag of ice, and they will ring it up. That way you can grab the ice on your way out of the store and have it at room temperature for less time.

If you don’t see the ice being stored anywhere, you can always ask an Aldi employee where the ice is. They should be able to help you find it, or you can ask the cashier when you go to pay for a bag of ice.

Does Aldi Have Ice Cream?

Aldi carries a very wide selection of ice cream if you are looking for something cold that isn’t necessarily a bag of ice. In fact, Aldi is known for its assortment of ice creams that its customers love to buy.

Does Aldi Sell Ice.

Aldi typically carries many ice creams under its store labels. These options are all very affordable and come in a variety of flavors. They will typically be under brand names like:

  • Belmont
  • Sundae Shoppe
  • Earth Grown
  • Specially Selected
  • Fit & Active

These brands offer pints, cartons, and sandwich varieties of their ice cream. You can get all of the usual flavors that you would expect to find in the ice cream aisle.

With so many different kinds of ice cream, you are sure to find several options that you will enjoy. There are plain jane flavors as well as flavors like maximum fudge moose tracks and butter pecan.

There is an ice cream flavor for everyone at Aldi.

Does Aldi Sell Popsicles?

Along with ice cream, Aldi also sells popsicles in both sugar and sugar-free. These are also sold from the Aldi store labels as well as from other popsicle brands.

This gives you more options for frozen treats, whether you want a sugary option or one that is sugar-free. These are just a few options amongst Aldi’s many frozen sweets that you can buy.

Just keep in mind that every Aldi is going to be stocked a bit differently, so it may not carry what another Aldi location carries. Some things go out of stock, or some Aldi’s don’t have the room for all of the different products.

Will Aldi Sell Ice to Me?

Aldi is one of many grocery store chains to offer ice as one of the options that you can purchase there. This is something that you will find most grocery stores do as they are one of the only places that sell ice.

Some convenience stores and gas stations may carry ice but not all of the time. At Aldi, you know you can pick up a bag of fresh ice along with whatever else you decide to purchase.

You don’t even have to grab it and bring it to the checkout counter usually as you may be in lime for a while. Most grocery stores will allow you to simply tell the cashier that you are also buying a bag of ice.

Then you can grab it as you head out of the store to your car. Aldi typically sells 10-pound bags of ice like most grocery stores, though it may offer one or two large sizes as well.

Ice is just one of the many frozen things that you can buy at Aldi, as it sells a variety of frozen treats. You can also get all kinds of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and popsicles when you go to Aldi.

It has a very large freezer section where it keeps all of its frozen treats that you can get.

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