Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

If you enjoy shopping at Burlington, you may be curious whether it will take Apple pay as payment. This is a common question for retail stores as some take Apple pay, while just as many still do not accept this option.

Many retailers have yet to update their payment system to include Apple pay for various reasons. This can make it confusing for shoppers to know what stores accept what payment options.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can pay with Apple pay at Burlington.

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Will Burlington Accept Apple Pay?

Due to an agreement with Paypal, most Burlington stores will not be accepting Apple pay. Though this may vary a bit by location, it is safe to assume that the majority of Burlington retailers will not be taking Apple pay.

Burlington has an agreement with Paypal that creates a conflict with it accepting Apple pay. This is because Apple pay and Paypal are quite alike and are competition because of those similarities.

Accepting Apple pay would create a business conflict for Burlington, which is why it will not take Apple pay any longer.

This might be a downside to some customers as Burlington used to accept Apple pay. It was only recently that it started to remove this option from its retail stores.

Apple pay and Paypal are quite similar and are both considered to be digital payment methods. This puts them in competition with each other as people typically choose between one or the other.

This is an unfortunate change for Burlington customers who used to rely on Apple pay. They will have to choose a different payment option if they want to continue shopping at the popular retail store.

The good thing is that Burlington offers several other great payment options for its customers to decide between.

Does Burlington Take Paypal?

All Burlington locations do accept Paypal even though it no longer takes Apple pay. Burlington has a partnership with Paypal, which is why it is now prioritizing its business.

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay

Apple pay and Paypal work very similarly for customers, making them each other’s biggest competition. This is why it would be a conflict of interest for Burlington to offer both payment options to its customers.

The good thing for shoppers is that Paypal can be used exactly like you would use Apple pay. It can be used as a digital wallet to store all of your payment options that you frequently use.

Unfortunately, you cannot add Apple pay to Paypal, which is a downside to using Paypal. Especially since you can add Paypal to Apple pay to use through it.

You can add all kinds of cards and other payment methods to your Paypal account to use it to buy goods. This is easy to do and only requires a few minutes to connect your payment preferences.

Then you can easily pay with Paypal whether you are in the Burlington store or buying your items online. It is an easy and fast way to place your order without having to add any payment information.

Does Burlington Take Credit Cards?

Burlington accepts most credit cards, including Amex, Visa, and Mastercards. It will also take any Burlington gift cards that you may have in-store or online.

Most Burlington locations will also accept personal checks as well as cash in their store. This provides an easy way of paying directly with what you have on hand.

It also accepts Paypal as its one digital payment option for customers who want an online payment option. Paypal and credit or debit cards are all accepted online on the Burlington website as well as in person.

Can I Pay With Apple Pay at Burlington?

Burlington is unfortunately no longer accepting Apple pay, though up until recently, this was one of its payment options. Burlington has an agreement with Paypal that has made it too difficult for it to offer both options.

Paypal and Apple pay are very similar, this making them each other’s top competition. This is why Burlington had to remove Apple pay from being one of its many payment options.

The good thing is that Paypal works very similarly and can be connected to your preferred payment options like Apple pay. This is the next best option since you cannot pay with Apple pay at Burlington.

Burlington also allow customers to pay with most credit cards and debit cards. It will also accept Burlington gift cards, cash, and personal checks.

All payment options aside from cash and checks can be used on the Burlington website to place an order rather than shop in person. This makes for an easier and faster checkout experience.

Keep in mind that every Burlington location can vary slightly, so some may not accept cash or checks. You can always call ahead to be sure if you are concerned about this.

This is the same for Apple pay, as some locations may still accept this temporarily.

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