Does Circle K Do Money Orders?

If you need to buy a money order, you may be wondering if Circle K is a place where you can do this. Many people have this question as it can be difficult sometimes to find stores that also provide the option of buying money orders.

It can be difficult to find places that do this money service, which is why you should look into options. This can help you to find one place where you know you can always get a money order so that you avoid wasting time and feeling frustrated.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can buy a money order at Circle K and how to go about doing this if you can.

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Can I Get a Money Order at Circle K?

If you need to get a money order, Circle K is a great place to do this without any hassle or frustration. This is a reliable place where you can purchase a money order at any location as mostly all Circle K’s provide this sought-after money service.

It is very easy to get a Circle K money border as you can do this when you go to checkout. You don’t have to go to any special desk or do this during different store hours, it is just like when you go to buy an item.

These money orders are available at any time during store hours and shouldn’t take very long to get. Though it is important to mention that each money order can only go up to $500.

To get more than $500, you will need to purchase several money orders until you have reached the desired amount. Though you usually can’t purchase more than $2,999 in money orders within one day at Circle K.

Circle K is also one store that does not require you to show any form of identification to get a money order. This is very convenient as many places require a formal ID to get a money order.

How Much Does a Circle K Money Order Cost?

Most stores that offer money orders are going to charge you a small fee to do this. This is because money orders do fall under money services, making them something that stores can charge for.

How Much Does a Circle K Money Order Cost

The good news is that this fee is typically very small and isn’t going to cost you too much. At Circle K, the fee per money order is typically $0.99 to $1.29,though it can vary between Circle k locations.

Though it could possibly go as high as $1.29, this is still a very reasonable fee. Some places charge as much as $5 or $10 depending on the location and the amount of the money order being bought.

So as far as money order fees go, Circle K keeps it very affordable for its customers looking to purchase a money order.

Keep in mind that this fee is for each individual money order, so you won’t save money by buying more at a time. If you need to buy two or three money orders to reach the amount that you need, you will be charged several fees.

This cannot be avoided, and Circle K also requires these fees to be paid in cash. You will need to have the cash on you, otherwise, you won’t be able to purchase the money order.

How Do I Fill Out a Circle K Money Order?

Filling out a Circle K money order is quite simple as most money orders are filled out the same way. This may only change if the money order is a specific kind and requires different information.

Does Circle K Do Money Orders

To fill out a Circle K money order form, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Add the recipient’s name
  • Add your signature
  • Add your address
  • Include the account number if this is for a bill
  • Save your receipt

These are the only things you need to do when buying a money order from Circle K. An assistant may also be there to help you so that all of the information ends up in the right places.

Make sure you have cash on hand to pay the fee and plan ahead of time just how much you need. If you need more than $500, you will need to figure out how many money orders you need to purchase.

Does Circle K Sell Money Orders?

Circle K is a great place to buy a money order if you are in need of this money service. Here you can get money orders up to $500 and can buy several to get the full amount that you need.

Most Circle K locations will provide this service that is available at any Circle K checkouts. All you have to do is pay a small fee, fill out the money order form, and keep your receipt in case you need it later.

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