Does DoorDash Pay for Gas?

Does DoorDash Pay for Gas?

There are many DoorDash riders that deliver food to customers in different parts of the United States. Many wonder if DoorDash pays for the gas of their riders. That’s a good question.

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Does DoorDash Give Their Riders Gas Money?

No, DoorDash does not pay extra for gas money. DoorDash riders are responsible for providing their own gas and not DoorDash. 

This may come as a surprise. I don’t know if similar companies pay extra for gas money but it is likely that they don’t pay extra either.

How Do DoorDash Drivers Get Money for Gas?

Well, it’s not too hard for DoorDash drivers to get money for gas. Being a DoorDasher does pay money and they can use some of their pay to fill up their tanks.

While it’s true that some DoorDashers make more money than the next Dasher, each DoorDasher is paid a decent amount per delivery. Some orders don’t pay much but if they do enough deliveries in a day the DoorDash driver can afford to put gas in their car tank.

Some DoorDashers have other jobs and sources of income that help them to keep gas in their vehicles. DoorDash is just a side job or second income for a lot of drivers so this is how some of them get gas money.

Others have family members who are willing to help them out of a bad situation. There are people who put aside a gas stash. This makes sure that you always have money to fill up your gas tank and go pick up your DoorDash orders.

I’m a DoorDash Driver and Don’t Have Enough Gas to Take Orders. What Should I Do?

If you work for DoorDash but don’t currently have enough money to accept orders there are a few things you can do.

The first thing you can do is borrow the money from a family member or friend. I’m sure your mom or best friend won’t mind giving you a few dollars to get some gas. Afterall, you need the gas so you can go to work and make money.

Who wouldn’t want to support that. This guarantees that they’ll get their money back. Be sure to repay your debt so you won’t have any problems borrowing again.

If you are having trouble keeping your gas tank filled up this may not be a one-off situation. So don’t burn your bridges.

You can skip a day or two of accepting orders until you can get gas money. However, this may not be a very good option if DoorDash is your only form of income. It may take awhile to get enough gas money to go accept orders.

Another option would be to find another income source that doesn’t require you to leave the house. There are a lot of at-home jobs that you could probably secure and be able to support your DoorDash job.

Does DoorDash Give Discounts on Gas?

While DoorDash itself cannot offer a discount on gas as they are not a gas company. They have partnered with gas stations like Shell and Fuel rewards to offer a savings of 10 cents per gallon when DoorDashers fill up their tanks.

Is It Hard to Pay For Gas as a DoorDash Driver?

No, not in reality. If you plan accordingly and manage your money wisely you should always have enough to keep your tank filled up. Depending on what you’re driving you may not be able to put the tank on full but you can keep it away from the E as well.

You will be burning a lot of gas as a DoorDasher but you’ll likely make enough in delivery fees and tips to pay for gas. It is not hard to pay for gas as a DoorDash driver because you are always getting paid whether it’s the delivery fees or tips.

If I Don’t Have Gas Will DoorDash Make an Exception and Pay for My Gas? 

No, I’ve never heard of DoorDash making exceptions for anyone. This is not to say that it can’t happen. If you are in a really bad place financially and you are a good worker for DoorDasher they may be willing to help you.

The best thing you can do is talk to the manager in your area or at your local DoorDash branch and just explain your situation to them. Tell them what you need help with and they may be lenient about helping you out with this.

Does DoorDash Pay for Their Drivers’ Gas? 

No, DoorDash does not and likely will not pay for their drivers to fill up their tanks. However, sometimes they partner with gas companies like Shell and Fuel Rewards to provide gas discounts to their drivers.


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