Does Expedia Price Match?

Expedia processes thousands of customer flights, hotels, and bookings each day. Some of these requests are for price matches and adjustments. We cover everything there is to know about Expedia Price Matching in the article below.

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Does Expedia Match Prices?

Expedia offers customers the Hotel Price Guarantee and the Price Match Promise for eligible bookings. Expedia will refund the difference for select bookings if you find a lower price online. However, you might need to be an Expedia Rewards member to qualify, and certain restrictions can apply.

Expedia Price Matching Policy Explained

Expedia offers two types of price matching services, including the Hotel Price Guarantee and the Price Match Promise. These services have a few differences and considerations to keep in mind.

Expedia Price Match Promise

Expedia offers a Price Match Promise when you book a flight through the platform. The Price Match Promise allows you to receive an automatic refund if your flight drops in price. However, you’ll have to purchase the Price Match Promise ahead of time.

How to Contact Expedia Customer Support

How It Works

After you book a flight, Expedia will automatically check the price every day and send you a notification about price changes. If Expedia finds a lower price than what you paid, you’ll receive a refund for the difference.

Purchasing a Price Match Promise

Select the “Get money back on future price drops” option at checkout and choose Price Match Promise. You can also check your Price Match Promise from your flight itinerary to manually search for price drops.

Receiving Your Refund

Expedia will automatically start the reimbursement process after your trip ends if the price of your flight decreases. You should notice the reimbursement credited to your original form of payment within seven business days after your trip. You can also track your reimbursement through the Price Drop History page in your flight itinerary.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • The Expedia Price Match Promise is only available on select flights.
  • Expedia will cancel a Price Match Promise if your lights are canceled or changed. You’ll receive full reimbursement for the price paid. Expedia will also cancel any notified open payments.
  • Expedia can not conduct price checks if your flight is completely sold out. They will not be able to do a price check until the flight is available again.

Expedia Hotel Price Guarantee

Expedia offers the Hotel Price Guarantee for Expedia Rewards members. The service provides members with a refund if they find a lower listing for their booking after purchase. Expedia Rewards members can file claims up until midnight the day before their stay. When a claim is approved, Expedia will refund the difference.

How It Works

  1. Log into your account and enter the itinerary number from your hotel booking.
  2. Complete the Hotel Price Guarantee form and submit it to finish your claim.

Note: You can view the complete Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Price Guarantee online to get a better idea of what to expect.

Your Booking Qualifies If…

  • You submit the price claim before 12 AM (local hotel time) on the day of check-in.
  • You provided a screenshot and the URL of the lower price.
  • The price is lower than the expenses of your Expedia booking and is presented the same in the Expedia search.
  • The booking details are identical, including the property, room type, rate plan, applicable changes, refund guidelines, hotel amenities, and the dates of travel.

You Brooking Doesn’t Qualify If…

  • The price is available from a membership or rewards-based website, including corporate group fees, charter discounts, or online coupons.
  • The price is part of a package deal, including flight and hotel travel combinations.
  • The price is from a platform where the property, itinerary, or other booking details are unknown until the purchase is completed.
  • The price isn’t offered at the time you submit the request form.

How to Contact Expedia Customer Support?

You might need to contact Expedia customer support if you encounter issues or need additional assistance. Here are a few of the methods you can use to reach Expedia.

Does Expedia Match Prices

Access Expedia’s Online Portal

Using Expedia’s Online Customer Service Portal is a great way to receive additional assistance and support. The Online Portal can help you book trips, find answers to frequently asked questions, and navigate the website. The Online Portal is the most straightforward way to access Expedia assistance.

Call Customer Service

Call 800-220-8176 to speak with Expedia customer support and receive additional assistance. Keep in mind, you might need to navigate through automated messages to reach a live customer support representative. Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Dial 800-220-8176 and tap the digit from the menu that corresponds with your problem when prompted.
  • Tap 1 to adjust your booking
  • Tap 2 to alter your flight schedule
  • Tap 3 to cancel a flight
  • Tap 4 to validate your choices
  • Tap 5 for extra options

Expedia’s customer support line is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might want to schedule your call earlier in the day, somewhere around 7:30 AM (GMT-4). It’s possible that you’ll have to wait on hold for a bit before you can speak with an active Expedia representative.

Price Matching at Expedia

Expedia offers customers the Hotel Price Guarantee and the Price Match Promise for eligible bookings. Expedia will refund the difference for select bookings and flights if you find a lower price online.

You can purchase the Price Match Promise for select flights. Expedia Rewards members can access the Hotel Price Guarantee by completing the Hotel Price Guarantee form online. However, certain restrictions apply, and you can find out more via the online Terms and Conditions.

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