Does GameStop Still Sell PS3 Games?

Whether you have an old console or are looking for a gift, a game is a great purchase. But it can be hard to find games that aren’t for the newest, shiniest device.

Before you drop the idea of getting a PS3 game, consider if GameStop has any. Then, you may find the game you’ve been looking for.

Can You Buy PS3 Games at GameStop?

As of early 2022, GameStop still sells PS3 games. However, the games that are in stock are all pre-owned, so you can’t buy a new game. Still, pre-owned games are better than nothing, and GameStop only accepts pre-owned games in good condition.

If you have a PS3, you can get a good game for it from GameStop. The store won’t sell you a game that has a ton of problems, so you’ll be able to enjoy it like new.

How to Buy PS3 Games From GameStop

PlayStation 3 may be an older console, but you can still buy games for it. GameStop is an excellent place to shop for games for older consoles.

The store offers multiple ways for you to shop and buy games that you want. And since it’s a large store, there’s a good chance they’ll get more pre-owned stock regularly. So if the game you want isn’t available now, it may be soon.

Here are a couple of ways you can buy PS3 games from GameStop. Consider each one to decide which is best for you.

Shop Online

Does GameStop Carry PS3 Games

The GameStop website is an excellent place to look for PS3 games. You can see all of the games for this console that are in stock. Of course, the page also lets you filter results by price, franchise, genre, and publisher.

You also have the option to sort by price, name, and popularity. It’s a great way to search for the game you want, and you can order it right there if it’s available. Then, GameStop will ship the game to you within the next business day.

As of this writing, there are hundreds of PS3 games available from GameStop. Give the page a look to see if the store has a game you want.

Visit Your Store

Another option is to visit your local GameStop store. You can search for PS3 games or as an employee to help you find something specific. Of course, your local store probably won’t have as large of a selection as the GameStop website.

If you know what you’re looking for, you may want to call ahead. Then, you can determine if the store has the game you want or if you should look online.

The store is a great place to simply browse for available PS3 games. Going to the store is also nice if you need some sort of game today. The shipping process can take a while, so you might have to wait a few days to receive your game.

How GameStop Vets Pre-Owned Games

Before you buy a PS3 game from GameStop, you should know how it vets pre-owned games. Players can trade in their games to get some cash or store credit. However, GameStop won’t accept just any game.

If the game disc has a lot of scratches or if the game otherwise doesn’t work, the store won’t accept it. That can give you some peace of mind as the buyer, but pre-owned games still aren’t always perfect.

How GameStop Prepares Games for Sale

Once GameStop accepts a game, it will refurbish it as much as possible. That will help get the game in like-new condition. Then, you can buy the game and expect that it will work pretty well.

If you buy a PS3 game, you’ll have a week to return it for your money back. You’ll have an entire 30 days to exchange the game for something identical. Of course, you can also try and trade in the game to get some of your money back.

Does GameStop Still Sell PS3 Games

Does GameStop Carry PS3 Games?

GameStop carries pre-owned PS3 games, but the stock varies. Since the games aren’t new, there’s no way to guarantee that a specific game will be available. However, you can get the games you want without having to spend a ton of money. Then, you can use your old console and enjoy playing video games.

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