Does Grubhub Hire Felons?

If you want a flexible way to make money, you’ve probably considered Grubhub. But maybe you don’t have the best criminal record.

Before you apply to Grubhub, you should consider if they’ll hire felons. Because you’re still subject to meeting certain requirements, even as a contractor.

Will Grubhub Hire Felons?

Grubhub won’t typically hire felons. The company wants to protect its reputation, and felons have a chance of reoffending. Even if the felony happened a long time ago, it’s in Grubhub’s best interest not to accept the applicant in question.

does grubhub hire felons

Even if you don’t have a felony, you’ll still need to meet other qualifications. Only then will you be able to drive for Grubhub.

Grubhub Driver Requirements

Whether or not you’re a felon, you should consider the Grubhub requirements for drivers. No matter your background, you need to be at least 19 years old. If you want to drive in Chicago, the minimum age is 21.

Regardless of your age, you’ll need at least two years of experience driving. Of course, you need a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. If you want to use a bike, you can get away with a state ID.

Drivers need access to a checking account for Grubhub payments. You’ll also need an iPhone with iOS 10 or later. If you use Android, your phone must have Android 4.0 or later.

Finally, you’ll need to pass a driving and criminal background check. Grubhub will check your records to make sure you won’t be a risk to the company, restaurants, or customers.

How to Drive for Grubhub With a Criminal Record

Assuming you meet all of the other requirements, you may have concerns if you have a criminal record. While Grubhub tries not to hire felons, you could still get a job with the company.

Here are a few things you can do to increase the chances of getting gig work.

Address Your Record

If you were innocent, consider trying to expunge your record. That way, you can get the crime taken off so that you don’t appear as a felon.

A lot of innocent people get convicted of crimes. Sadly, those convictions can follow you if you don’t take action.

If you want to expunge your record, contact a lawyer. They’ll know the steps to take based on where you live, so you can get your life back regarding Grubhub and in general.

Consider How Long Ago

Maybe you were arrested but never convicted of a felony. You can then consider your arrest record, specifically how long ago it happened.

Depending on where you live, arrests fall off your record after 7 to 10 years. So if it’s been that long since the arrest, you might not have to worry about it.

As long as you didn’t commit other major crimes since then, your record can come up clean. Then, you can get Grubhub to accept you as a driver.

do felons get hired on grubhub

Explain Yourself

When you apply to Grubhub, you may have a chance to explain your situation. As with any job, you should be able to answer questions the company might have.

This isn’t guaranteed, especially since you don’t interview with a boss. However, it can be worth contacting the company about your situation.

Maybe the crime was minor, or it had nothing to do with violence or driving. If that’s the case, Grubhub might ignore your record and allow you to drive.

Move Somewhere With High Demand

Not everyone will want to do this, but you can look into moving somewhere new. Go online and find some forums with other Grubhub drivers. Ask around to see if anyone knows what markets have a high demand for drivers.

You can also get a sense of this based on what drivers are saying. Maybe someone is saying they have zero downtime when they’re on shift, and they get orders constantly. You could also look into areas where drivers are quitting.

If you’re able to apply to a market with a lot of demand, Grubhub could be more lenient. The company doesn’t want to lose customers or restaurants. So it may be willing to take a chance on a felon, especially if you’ve cleaned your record and haven’t re-offended.

Apply to Multiple Apps

If you just want to do gig work but don’t care about working for Grubhub specifically, apply to other apps as well. Different apps look into different parts of your criminal record. So even if Grubhub rejects you, Uber or DoorDash could accept you.

Of course, you should be willing to do more than just deliver food. You might also need to be willing to do rideshare or grocery pickup. Now, rideshare apps may have strict requirements, especially since you’d be transporting others.

Still, it can be worth expanding your search. Criminal record or not, applying to multiple apps can increase the chances of at least one accepting you. Then, you’ll be able to make money, and you can work to expunge your record or wait for the crime to fall off of it.

Eventually, you can reapply to apps like Grubhub. You might be able to drive for multiple apps to increase your earning potential.

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Can Felons Work for Grubhub?

Felons can’t usually work for Grubhub, but there are exceptions. If you get the felony expunged, Grubhub won’t see it in a background check. Even if the crime is on your record, you could get accepted to drive if you live somewhere with a need for drivers.

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