Does Grubhub Use Fountain?

Working for gig apps can be a nice way to earn extra money. But if you want to apply to a few, it can take a long time.

So you might wonder if Grubhub uses a service like Fountain. That way, you can apply to it and other apps more efficiently.

Does Grubhub Connect to Fountain?

According to Fountain, you can use it to apply to apps including Grubhub. However, some users have some concerns about the legitimacy of Fountain, which is understandable. The third-party website will ask for your information, so consider if you want to use it.

apply to grubhub using fountain

Consider if you really need to use Fountain to apply to Grubhub. Then, you can make sure to keep your data safe.

What Is Fountain?

Fountain primarily targets businesses that need to hire new people. The program works for businesses that do delivery as well as in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare spaces.

As a contractor, you’d rely on companies using Fountain to post their listings. You can’t just list yourself as someone looking for work. However, some job listings might connect you with different companies.

Is Fountain Safe to Use?

Some users have expressed concerns about if Fountain is safe. Fortunately, the website does feature a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. That means Fountain will encrypt your data to help protect it from hackers.

As with any online job board, you should consider the risks. While it can connect you with different gig apps, it’s another account that you have to create and manage. That can be annoying, especially if you have a ton of other accounts.

Why Use Fountain

If you’re interested in applying to Grubhub, you should consider a couple of reasons to use Fountain. It’s not for everyone, but it does have some redeeming qualities that make it worth it.

Here’s how you can use Fountain if you want to drive for Grubhub.

Apply to Different Gig Apps

As mentioned, you can use Fountain to apply to different gig apps. One listing we found mentions how it can connect you to Grubhub, Eaze, and Caviar.

That way, you only have to fill out one application. However, you could get accepted to work for three or more gig apps. If you want to make gig work your main income stream, combining applications can save you a lot of time.

Start Working Sooner

Fountain helps employers hire people faster. That helps you as a gig worker since you won’t have to sit around waiting on a company to process your application.

You may still have to wait a bit to hear back. However, the platform could help companies like Grubhub go through your materials in less time. Then, you can hear back sooner and start driving right away.

Why Not Use Fountain

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to using Fountain that you should consider. Even if the platform is safe and secure, it’s not the best fit for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know.

Not Available Everywhere

We could only find one job listing that uses the Fountain platform. That job listing was specifically for delivery drivers in Los Angeles.

You might be able to use Google to find a listing in your area. However, you might not find one available where you live even with a more detailed search. The platform doesn’t have a job board you can scroll through, so finding listings isn’t easy.

There might be listings for other large cities but probably not everywhere. So if you live in a smaller market, going through Grubhub could be a smarter choice.

is fountain safe to use

Sharing Your Data

Fountain may be secure, but applying through them requires you to share your data with them. Then, they can share your information with various gig apps.

If you don’t know which apps you want to work for, that can be nice. However, it means a lot more parties will receive your information than necessary.

Can Apply Directly

Maybe you know that you want to work for Grubhub and a few other specific apps. It may take longer, but it can be well worth applying directly through the app’s website.

You don’t have to rely on finding a specific listing on the Fountain website. And you can apply when there aren’t any openings in your area. When you apply through Grubhub, they’ll add you to their waitlist.

Plus, you’ll know that Grubhub will receive your application. It’s unclear from the one listing how Fountain would distribute your information and if you’d even get to drive for the apps you want.

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Can You Apply to Grubhub Through Fountain?

You can apply to Grubhub using Fountain, but there are limits. For one, you can’t easily search for jobs on the Fountain website. Also, the listings are specific to one location. So if you want to work for Grubhub specifically, your best bett is to apply on the Grubhub site.

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