Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

If you are craving some KFC chicken, you should find out if KFC will accept Apple pay. Though many fast-food restaurants do accept Apple pay, this is not the case for every place that you go to.

Digital payments are quickly taking over as they have only grown in popularity. Apple pay specifically is in high demand as it is one of the most common digital payment options available.

Keep reading to find out if KFC will take Apple pay or not.

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Will KFC Take Apple Pay?

KFC has been a long-time supporter of Apple pay, installing this payment option in all of its locations. This is good news for KFC fans as it gives them an easy and quick way of making their order and paying for it.

Apple pay is a widely popular digital payment option as it works as a digital wallet. This allows you to impute your payment options and have them stored on your phone.

Payment options like Apple pay remove the need for physical payment options like cards or cash. As you can have all of your payment methods saved in your Apple pay account.

This is why many fast-food restaurants are adopting this payment option, as it is very convenient. And convenience is the whole goal of every fast-food restaurant.

This makes digital payment options like Apple pay great options for these kinds of businesses. That is why many restaurants started accepting digital options several years ago.

Customers expect to see digital payment options available when they go to pay for their purchase. Making many businesses snake the decision to install this payment option.

What Payment Options Does KFC Take?

KFC is known for offering a wide variety of digital payment options to its customers. This jas fit in perfectly with a bit more convenient setup, allowing customers to take their own orders.

Does KFC Take Apple Pay

KFC will accept Apple pay, Samsung pay, Android pay, and Google pay. This is available in the restaurant as well as online when ordering your food.

KFC also accepts most major credit cards, so you have physical payment options as well. KFC gift cards are accepted both in the restaurant and online. It also takes cash in the restaurant when paying for your order.

This makes KFC a fast-food restaurant chain that offers a huge variety of digital payment options. It has really leaned into this trend, allowing its customers to have more payment options to choose from.

This is good news for anyone who loves KFC and digital payment options. Here you have several options, whether you are ordering in the store or placing an order online.

How Do I Pay With Apple Pay at KFC?

All you need to pay for your KFC order with Apple pay is an Apple pay account that is set up and ready to go. Once it has payment preferences added, you can use it to make many kinds of purchases.

What Payment Options Does KFC Take

You will need to have your payment options saved there so that you have something to choose from. KFC’s system is very adapted to Apple pay, making paying easy and fast for customers.

Several KFC locations even offer self-service, which allows you to order your food and pay for it all by yourself. This is very convenient and creates a new form of contactless paying in the restaurant.

You can also use Apple pay when going through the KFC drive-through as the payment system works the same. You will just need to make sure that you have your phone ready to be used to access your Apple pay account.

This creates a very easy way of paying for your food if you want to go digital. All you need is an Apple pay account, payment options set up, and your phone in hand.

Can I Pay With Apple Pay at KFC?

KFC was one of the first fast-food restaurants to accept Apple pay with open arms. It now offers Apple pay in all of its locations, making it widely accessible to its customers.

This is not the only digital payment option that KFC supports, however. It also accepts Google pay, Samsung pay, and Android pay.

This gives you more than enough digital payment options when you go to check out. These can be used online, in the restaurant, or when you are going through the drive-thru.

Along with these digital options, KFC also accepts traditional payment methods, such as most major credit cards. It also takes cash in the restaurant or when you are going through the drive-thru.

Don’t forget that any KFC gift cards that you have can also be used online, in the restaurant, and in the drive-thru. This is a great way to use that gift card and get yourself a free KFC meal.

KFC self-service also accepts Apple pay, though this option has not yet been installed in all KFC locations just yet.

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