Does Kohls Take Afterpay?

If you want to go shopping at Kohls, you may be curious if it will accept Afterpay as a valid payment option. This is a good question to ask as not just any store is going to accept Afterpay, so you need to make sure beforehand.

Afterpay is a popular payment option as it offers convenience and easy use for anyone who wants to use it. Though it is still not accepted by many retailers, making it a less likely option to have access to.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Kohls will accept Afterpay as a valid payment option for customers.

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Does Kohls Allow Afterpay?

As of right now, Kohls is one of many companies to not accept Afterpay as a valid option of payment for its customers. This is unfortunate as Afterpay is a great option for many customers who can’t afford to pay out of pocket at the moment.

There are still many stores that don’t accept Afterpay, making it harder to use this digital payment option. Though it is a legitimate option, many stores are still very wary of offering it to customers.

Afterpay is a unique option that allows you to buy things, and the app is the one paying for them. Then you have to meet your installments to pay Afterpay back for the purchases.

The retailer is paid immediately, but you will have the chance to pay the app back over the course of weeks. You will have installments that you must meet to pay it off by a set date.

This is typically done in 4 installments that must be completely paid within 6 weeks.

This is a great option as it allows you to buy what you want and pay for them later. If you don’t have the money right then, you can use Afterpay to still make those purchases.

This is a great option if you haven’t been paid yet or want to go ahead and buy something while it’s on sale. It allows you to have the convenience of buying now and paying later.

Does Kohls Take Discover?

Though Kohls does not accept Afterpay, there are still other options to choose from. This is good news for customers since you may still have a payment option that you can use to make purchases at Kohls.

Does Kohls Take Afterpay

Kohls accepts many major credit cards and debit cards, this includes, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Kohls also takes personal checks, cash, money orders, and Kohls gift cards.

Most of these options are also available for online orders from the Kohls website. Though it doesn’t offer quite as many options as it used to.

Kohls used to allow for customers to pay with Paypal for their Kohls purchases but stopped offering that option in 2021. This means that Kohls does not offer any digital payment options, unfortunately.

This is disappointing considering just how popular digital payment options are. Especially digital wallets like Apple pay and Google pay that are in high demand.

Kohls may offer these options in the future, but for right now, it doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing so.

Will Kohls Take Afterpay?

Right now, Kohls does not take Afterpay as a valid payment option. This is an unfortunate reality for Kohl’s shoppers, limiting the payment options that they do have.

Will Kohls Take Afterpay

This is something that customers should consider before going to Kohls if they primarily use Afterpay.

This is a convenient option that allows you to make purchases without having to pay right at that moment. You can buy things and have the Afterpay app pay the retailer right then and there.

Then all you have to do is pay the amount in 4 installments within 6 weeks. This allows you to buy now and pay later so that you don’t have to have the cash in hand right at that moment.

This is a great option and gives you more financial freedom when you are shopping. If you see something that you like but can’t afford it that day, it’s okay, Afterpay has your back.

That is why it is unfortunate that Kohls doesn’t accept Afterpay, as it is such a great option. Especially for customers who regularly shop at Kohls and buy a lot of Kohls items on a regular basis.

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