Does OfficeMax Price Match?

If you recently bought something from OfficeMax but found a cheaper price elsewhere, you may be wondering if OfficeMax offers price matching. This is a good question as many stores have started to offer price matching for their customers.

This is a very handy policy that allows customers to get the lowest price if that same item is being sold somewhere else. Many stores sell the exact same merchandise but mark them at different prices, so this can really come in handy.

That being said, not every store is going to offer price matching for its customers. There are still plenty of stores that still do not offer this, so you will need to look into what stores have a price match policy and which stores don’t.

Keep reading to find out whether or not OfficeMax offers price matching, and if so, how to ask for a price match at this store.

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Does OfficeMax Do Price Matching?

OfficeMax is a store that has a price matching policy guarantee for its customers. This ensures that its customers will have the option of getting a price match if they find something that is marked as a better price than at OfficeMax.

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This is a great policy that allows customers to get the best possible prices while being able to shop at OfficeMax. OfficeMax has many competitors that sell the exact same merchandise, so it is very likely that you may find the same items at different prices.

This price match policy allows you to request a price match if you find the same item that you bought at OfficeMax for cheaper elsewhere. This way, you can ask for a partial refund to make up for the amount that you paid extra.

For example, if you bought something for $30 but a competitor is selling it for $20, you could get a $10 refund back. This is because a price match allows you to get a partial refund for the amount that you paid on something if it is cheaper elsewhere.

This is very useful, especially for a place like OfficeMax that has many competitors that sell the exact same kinds of merchandise. This allows you to get the best prices if you were able to find that item being sold for cheaper at another store.

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How Do I Get a Price Match at OfficeMax?

Now that you know that OfficeMax will offer price matching, you may want to know how you can request a price match. This is a common question as every store has a different system for how it accepts price match requests.

The good news is that this is very simple to do if you want a price match. All you need to do is call OfficeMax before you make the purchase to request a price match.

The store asks that all customers do this before they make the purchase as this makes the process simpler. When you call about requesting a price match, you will need to make sure that you have certain information, such as:

  • Name of competitor
  • Product code
  • Website address or store address
  • Product price

This information will be used to verify the product in question and make sure that it can be price matched. This is important as it shows whether or not the item you want a price match is eligible by OfficeMax.

This should not take very much time at all and can usually be resolved right there over the phone. This way, you can get your price match as soon as possible with very little fuss or hassle on your part.

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Will OfficeMax Price Match Anything?

Now that you know that OfficeMax will price match and you know how to request a price match, you should understand what can be price matched. Like any other store, OfficeMax has the right to say what it will and will not price match.

This is very common as stores are not going to be able to price match just anything on the shelf. There are certain qualifications that the item must meet, otherwise, it cannot be price matched by the store.

The most important thing about your price match is that the item must be absolutely identical in every way. It has to be by the same brand, the same color, the same style, the same size, etc.

OfficeMax must also be able to verify the item and the price, otherwise, it will not be eligible for a price match. Though price-matched items also have to be regularly priced, they cannot be on sale, marked down, or on clearance when you asked for the price match.

Can I Get a Price Match at OfficeMax?

OfficeMax is a great place to get a price match as it has a generous price match policy. It allows you to get a price match if you were able to prove that there is a lower-priced item identical to the one OfficeMax is selling.

All you have to do is call the OfficeMax number and request a price match for the item in question.

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