Does PetSmart Price Match?

If you want to shop at PetSmart, you may be wondering if this pet supply store offers price matching for its customers. This is a commonly asked question as more and more customers are starting to prioritize stores that offer price matching.

This has become a more popular option because customers can now see the advantage of using this policy. Price matching allows you to get the best possible price without having to follow lower prices by shopping at different stores.

This is why price matching is so beneficial for customers, especially if you are on a budget but still need to buy certain necessities for your furry friend. Keep reading to find out whether or not PetSmart price matches its competitors.

Can I Get a Price Match at PetSmart?

PetSmart is a great place to ask for a price match if you find an item at one of its competitors that are listed at a lower price. This allows PetSmart customers to get the best possible price without having to go elsewhere to buy that same item.

price matching at petsmart

This is great news for PetSmart customers as the store already has such great prices. But now, you can get even better prices if one of PetSmart’s competitors happens to sell the same item but at a lower listed price.

This can help you to get the best price on the market without having to shop at a different store that you may not like as much. This is also good for PetSmart as it keeps its favorite customers loyal as they do not have to go elsewhere for affordability.

PetSmart has all kinds of competition that sell the exact same kind of merchandise, so it is very likely that you will find the same item listed elsewhere. This way, you are very likely to find a better price that you can ask PetSmart to price match for you.

Though PetSmart is very affordable, it is not the most affordable pet store that you can shop at. Because of this, there is a very good chance that you will be able to get a lower price than listed if you find one of his competitors selling the same merchandise.

does petsmart price match

Will PetSmart Price Match All Items?

Now that you know that PetSmart offers price matching, you may be wondering if PetSmart will price match any item you want to buy at the store. This is good to know so that you do not ask for a price match on something that does not qualify for price matching.

Like any store’s price match policy, PetSmart is going to have certain rules that your price match request must follow. This is important as the store is not going to price match just anything that you want to buy.

The first thing to remember is that you must always have proof that there is an identical item being sold for cheaper elsewhere. You can do this by providing a store link, a photo, or a store ad for the item.

The item that you are requesting a price match for must be either of these things:

PetSmart cannot price match items that it does not have in stock or that are low in stock. It will also not price match items from other sellers that are having a sale or have marked down the price on that item.

Price matching also does not apply to any kind of pet service or actual pets in the store. There’s only applies to pet supplies or inanimate objects in the store that you may have bought.

The item also has to be completely identical to what you want price matched, it has to be the same brand, color, size, etc.

Does PetSmart Price Match Online Retailers?

If you are ordering off of the PetSmart online website, you probably want to know if price matching is allowed for online competition for PetSmart. This is a good question as some stores do not price match their online competitors.

The good news is that PetSmart does price match its online competitions if you are using the Petsmart website. You can get a price match for any of PetSmart’s online competitors as long as the item is eligible for a price match.

Keep in mind that PetSmart will not price match discount websites or auction websites like eBay or craigslist. It must be one of their competitors that sells the exact same kinds of merchandise.

The same rules apply to online price matching, as the item must be identical, must be in stock, and must be in an adamant object.

price matching petsmart online

Does PetSmart Price Adjust?

Not only does PetSmart offer price matching for its customers, but it also offers a price adjustment policy that you can use. This allows you to get a price adjustment for anything in the PetSmart store if the item becomes cheaper after you bought it.

You have 60 days after making a purchase to request a price adjustment if that item went on sale or was marked down in price. For instance, if you bought a dog leash for $20 but it went on sale for $10 within 60 days, you could ask for a partial refund.

If you are eligible for a price adjustment, you would be refunded $10 to make up for what you overpaid on that leash. This is what a price adjustment is, and PetSmart allows customers to get price adjustments for in-store or online merchandise.

Does PetSmart Offer Price Matching?

PetSmart has a price match policy for its customers that allows you to get the best possible price on the market for the item that you are buying. You can request a price match if you see that one of PetSmart’s competitors is selling the same item for cheaper.

Though the item must be identical to the one being sold, and it needs to be in stock to be eligible for a price match. Petsmart price matching also does not apply to actual pets or pet services in the store, it only applies to inanimate objects sold in the store.

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