Does Publix Sell Universal Tickets?

When planning a trip to the famous Universal Orlando Resort, you want to get the best deal possible. While you can buy passes at several grocery stores and places online, some offer better ticket packages and prices.

This post covers everything you need to know about buying Universal tickets at Publix stores.

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Can You Buy Universal Tickets at Publix?

Some Publix stores sell Universal Orlando Resort tickets, primarily the Florida locations. Depending on the store’s ticket inventory and policies, they offer different ticket options such as day and season passes. Every location may have different options and prices but are usually still cheaper than buying at the park’s gate.

Publix Stores That Sell Universal Tickets

Most Publix stores in Florida sell Universal Orlando Resort tickets, but Publix stores in other states generally don’t.

Based on our research, you can buy Universal Orlando tickets at the Fort Lauderdale, Naples, and Orlando Publix locations. However, it’s best to call your local Publix store to confirm details, especially since tickets sell out quickly and every store is subject to change.

Does Publix Sell Universal Tickets

Types of Universal Orlando Tickets Sold at Publix

There are several types of Universal ticket packages sold at Florida Publix stores, though each location will vary.

You can find a complete list of ticket types and prices on the Universal Orlando website, but this is a general list of passes commonly found at participating Publix stores.

Ticket Type Publix Price/Adult Pass Blackout Dates Expiration FL Residents Only
Two-park (1 Day) pass to Universal Studios + Universal’s Islands of Adventure $184 None 12 months No
Two-park (2 Day) pass to Universal Studios + Universal’s Islands of Adventure $213 None 60 days from first use Yes
Three-Park (3 Day) pass to Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay $283 None 180 days from first use Yes
Two-Park (Seasonal Annual) Pass to Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure $270 June 29 – July 31 12 months from first use Yes

Keep in mind that ticket types and prices are subject to change and tend to sell out fast. For the most updated types of passes and prices, be sure to check out the official Universal Orlando Resort website.

Where Do I Buy Universal Tickets at Publix?

You can usually purchase tickets in the checkout lane or the gift card kiosk at Publix stores that sell Universal passes. If you can’t find them in either place, be sure to ask the cashier or go to the customer service desk.

Because Universal Orlando passes look like regular gift cards, they may be easy to miss in the aisle.

Can You Buy Universal Tickets at Publix

Is It Cheaper to Buy Universal Tickets at Publix, Online, or at the Park?

It’s much cheaper to buy tickets online than at the gate, but prices online and in-person can change at any time. Our research suggests that tickets purchased online tend to be at least $50 cheaper than buying at the park gate.

Ticket prices at Publix are often more consistent and can even be cheaper than buying online through the Universal Orlando website. Still, each Publix location may have different prices and offer different ticket types.

Keep in mind that there are other discount options available. For example, military members and kids often get discounted ticket prices.

You may also be able to get cheaper tickets on the Universal website or Publix depending on the time of year, like in off seasons when people aren’t traveling as much. Just keep the expiration dates in mind when purchasing and planning your trip.

Do Florida Residents Get Cheaper Universal Orlando Resort Passes at Publix?

Depending on the ticket type, Florida residents often get better deals on tickets and even types of passes no matter where they’re bought. For official prices and ticket options, visit the official Universal Orlando ticket website or call your local Publix store.

In most cases, the discount for a Florida resident can be as much as $80 per ticket. If you’re buying a Florida-only Universal Orlando pass, you will need to show a valid ID or other document proving your residency.

How Long Are Universal Orlando Tickets Valid For?

Unfortunately, Universal passes will have expiration dates either from the date of purchase or from the date of their first use. After that date, your ticket can’t be accepted.

Some tickets will expire a year from their first use (when it’s activated), while some expire within days of purchase. Similarly, special promotion passes will expire sooner than flexible date tickets like seasonal passes.

Each pass will have its own terms and expiration dates, so make sure you read the ticket descriptions carefully.

Publix Stores That Sell Universal Tickets

Can You Buy Universal Tickets at Publix?

Yes, you can buy Universal Orlando Resort tickets at Publix stores throughout Florida. Other states generally don’t sell Universal tickets, but it’s best to call and confirm. Each store will vary depending on its ticket inventory, but most offer both day and season passes at a discounted price.

The most common Universal Orlando pass types include day and seasonal passes to one or all parks (Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay). So whether you want a one, two, or three-day admission, you’ll find a ticket that will get you into one or all of the three parks at a discounted price.

Universal Orlando tickets sold at participating Publix stores tend to be around $50 cheaper than buying online through the Universal Studios website, but prices and packages can change. They also sell out quickly, so keep your eye out if you want to snatch up the best savings.

Some tickets are only available to Florida residents and most passes have expiration dates, so keep these things in mind when purchasing your passes and planning your trips.

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