Does Staples Price Match?

If you want to buy something at Staples, you may want to know if this store offers price matching for its shoppers. This is a good question as this option could help you to save some money when buying what you need.

You don’t have to hunt around for the best prices and shop where they are at if there is price matching available. This allows you the freedom to get the lowest prices you can find as well as shop where you want to shop for those items.

Keep reading to find out if you can ask for a price adjustment at Staples if there is a lower offer somewhere else for the same item.

Will Staples Price Match?

If you enjoy shopping at Staples, you should know that Staples offers a price matching guarantee for its customers. This helps them to get the best prices when they request a price match for an item being sold for less elsewhere.

This is a huge benefit for Staples shoppers as there are so many prices out there for the exact same item. This allows you to locate the lowest price and ask for a price adjustment at Staples.

This is great if you are on a budget or want to continue to stay loyal to shopping at Staples. Staples is a big brand, so it doesn’t always offer the lowest prices, making price matching such a good alternative option.

This way, you can shop at Staples while getting the lowest pieces for those specific items. Now you don’t have to shop where the best deals are, you can bring those deals to the store of your choosing.

Price matching is a way for stores to competitively price their items against their competition. This is a win-win situation as the customers are happy and the stores make more sales and have more returning customers.

This is why many stores now offer price matching, as shoppers are actively looking for this option where they shop.

What Is Staples Price Matching Policy?

Staples has a price match policy that is pretty much exactly like any other price match policy. These tend to be simple as stores aim to make this easy for their customers to understand and follow.

Does Staples Price Match

If you have found an identical item that Staples is selling that is priced lower somewhere else, you can request a price match. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Find a lower price
  • Make sure the item is identical
  • Find proof of the lower-priced item
  • Go to the Staples store
  • Talk to a Staples associate about a price match

This is a very easy way to ask for a price match without any stress or hassle on your part. To show proof, many people do this by taking a photo of the product and price, bringing an ad, or having a website address.

These are all great options to show that there is a cheaper price out there for that identical item. Once you request a price match, the associate will loom into this further and get back to you with what they found.

If the item follows the price match policy, you can get a price match with that item. If it doesn’t, you will have to pay the full price at Staples.

Keep in mind that items that are already on sale or discounted cannot be price matched as they are already lowered in price.

Can Staples Price Match Online?

One great aspect of Staples’s price match policy is that it allows this option for online competitors as well. So if you find a lower price online, you could ask for a price match for this item.

This is very useful as it is much easier to find lower prices online than in physical stores. Many online websites also tend to be cheaper than in-store prices for the same kinds of items.

You can do this for most online competitors that sell the same kinds of items that Staples does. This even includes very well-known online stores like Amazon that also sells stationary and business supplies.

This is a great alternative to trying to find lower prices locally, as you may have much better luck when doing this online.

Does Staples Offer Price Matching?

Staples is a great place to go for piece matching if you see something that has a better price somewhere else. Staples will price match items that you find locally or online as long as they are already full price.

It will not give you a price match for a Staples item that is already discounted or on sale as the piece is already lowered for you. The item also must be completely identical to the item you want at staples.

It even has to be the same color as Staples will only price match identical products that you find at a better price.

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