Does Staples Sell Stamps?

If you need to buy stamps to mail a package or a letter, you may be wondering if you can buy a stamp at Staples. This is a very commonly asked question as Staples is a very popular place to buy all manner of office materials.

Mailing supplies like stamps are often lumped into the category of office supplies in different stores. Because of this many Staples, customers may assume that this office supply store also carries mailing materials like stamps.

It can be difficult to find stamps outside of a post office or a mailing place. Not every store can carry stamps so it could be difficult to find the stores that do carry them within your area. Keep reading to find out whether or not staples sell stamps.

Can I Buy Stamps at Staples?

If you want to buy stamps at Staples, the unfortunate reality is that Staples no longer sells stamps as of 2022. This happened when Staples ended its partnership with the United States postal office, which allowed it to sell stamps to its customers.

This came as quite a blow to many of Staples’s loyal customers who relied on it when they needed to buy stamps. It is unfortunate since many people rely on stores like Staples instead of going to places like post offices that also sell stamps.

It can be hard to find other stores to buy stamps if you do not want to have to go to a post office or do not have access to one. In general, it is easier for people to find a store than it is for them to find a local post office in their area.

For a store to be able to legally sell stamps, they have to be in partnership with the United States postal office. If a store ends that partnership, it can no longer legally sell stamps to its customers.

The stamps would be illegitimate, and they would not be safe to use for mailing your packages or your letters. This is why this is a serious matter, and you should never buy from stores that don’t have a partnership with the United States postal office.

So if you want to buy stamps, you will have to find a different place as Staples is no longer a store that offers this item.

Why Doesn’t Staples Sell Stamps Anymore?

Unfortunately for Staples customers, Staples does not sell stamps because it ended its partnership with the United States postal office. This was a partnership that allowed this office supply store to carry and sell stamps.

Does Staples Sell Stamps

Without this partnership, Staples was no longer legally allowed to sell stamps in its stores. We still don’t know why Staples ended this partnership exactly, as it never released any kind of statement explaining the decision.

In fact, Staples really didn’t give any kind of explanation as to why it stopped selling stamps. It didn’t even warn customers, it just removed the option from all of its stores across the US.

This is really a shame as so many customers relied on this office supply store for their stamps. It was a very popular place to get them and was very convenient if you needed to buy office supplies as well.

With Target no longer selling stamps, customers will have to go elsewhere if they need to buy their stamps for postage. The most common place to do this is the postal office, but there are also other options.

Does Staples Sell Other Mailing Materials?

Now that you know that Staples no longer sells postage stamps, you may want to know if it sells other mailing materials. This is a good question to ask as most office supply stores do carry a selection of mailing supplies that could be useful.

Can I Buy Stamps at Staples

This is because mailing supplies and office supplies are often lumped into the same category for some reason. It may be because many businesses tend to send out packages or letters and need to be able to have those kinds of materials on hand.

The good news is that Staples does sell a variety of mailing materials that you may need to buy. Even though it doesn’t sell postage stamps anymore, that doesn’t stop Staples from still selling all kinds of mailing supplies, such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing foam
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Stretch wrap
  • Envelopes
  • Bubble mailers
  • Boxes
  • Shipping labels

These are just some of the options that Staples still offers for those who need packing materials to mail things out. This is a great place to pick up these items as you can get them at an affordable price and even get them in bulk.

This tends to be a bit cheaper than if you were to buy these items at an actual postal office or shipping office.

Do Any Other Stores Sell Stamps?

Because Staples no longer sells stamps, you may wonder if there are any stores that sell stamps outside of the post office. The good thing is that there are plenty of other stores that sell stamps that you can buy.

Why Doesn't Staples Sell Stamps Anymore

This is not extremely uncommon as many stores do carry stamps, they just don’t advertise it as much as you would think. Many stores keep stamps off of the shelves but will sell them to customers who ask about them.

Stores like Quiktrip, Target, Jewel, and many others offer stamps to their customers. These may not be stores that you would imagine to carry stamps, but they do offer some options in that department.

So you do have some options even though Staples no longer carry stamps.

Are Stamps Sold Outside the Postal Office Legit?

You may feel suspicious about stamps that are sold outside of the postal office as it seems like this may not be legal. Many people are on high alert nowadays and worry about being scammed or buying faulty items that don’t actually work.

The good thing is that just because stamps are being sold outside of the postal office, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t legit. Many stamps being sold at these kinds of stores are entirely legitimate, they just are being sold in the post office.

As long as a store has a partnership with the United States postal office, it can legally sell perfectly legitimate stamps. This is how many stores are able to sell stamps as they have this partnership and have access to all the stamps customers may be looking for.

If you are suspicious about the legitimate seat of the stamps as store selling, you should ask them about this partnership. Or you could look into it further online as it may be listed there on the website.

Does Staples Carry and Sell Stamps?

While Staples used to sell stamps in all of its stores, it no longer does this as it ended its partnership with the United States postal office. Once it did this, it removed the option of buying stance from all of its stores.

As unfortunate as this is for Staples customers, there are still plenty of other places where you can buy stamps. They may not be as convenient as Staples, but many other types of stores carry stamps of all varieties that you can buy.

Staples also sells all kinds of mailing materials if you need materials other than stamps. This is a great place to get a good deal and get high-quality mailing supplies for your packages and letters.

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