Does U Haul Sell Trailers?

You may want to buy a U Haul trailer because you don’t want to rent one for whatever reason. We will learn more about whether U Haul sells trailers or not.

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Do U Haul Sell Trailers?

No, U Haul does not sell trailers at all. They have trailers for rent but that is about it. As far as I know, they have never sold their trucks or trailers. A lot of people would be in line to buy those trailers if they did sell them.

Does Any Place Online Sell U Haul Trailers?

I’m sure there are some places online that sell U Haul trailers but I’m not sure of any. U Haul doesn’t sell any of their trailers but they have to do something with the old ones that are no longer any good to make room for the new ones. Which means someone is probably taking these trailers and reselling them online because that is probably the best way to do it.

However, they may not be selling old trailers online because it would be impossible to ship but they could sell on places like Ebay and offer local pickup only. So this could work and if you are curious I would go to Ebay and search for used U Haul trailers. You probably can search preowned U Haul trailers as well and find the same thing.

Facebook Marketplace is another place where people sell all sorts of things online and then offer local pickup. If you have a Facebook you can go to the marketplace in your area and see if someone just happens to be selling a used U Haul trailer. If you just need a trailer it may not be U Haul but they could be selling trailers.

Where Can I Buy Used U Haul Trailers?

Does U Haul Sell Trailers_

Nine times out of ten, you can’t buy used U Haul trailers anywhere. Think about it, if U Haul is unwilling to sell their trailers to anyone then what makes you think you can just go and buy a used or otherwise U Haul trailer. That means U Haul would have had to sell the trailer to someone else in the first place for them to be selling it anywhere.

U Haul is the only person that has U Haul branded trailers. Now you can get a regular trailer from anywhere almost but not a U Haul branded trailer. You probably can buy a trailer from U Haul but this is definitely not something that they advertise.

You may be able to buy used U Haul trailers from U Haul because they are the only ones that manufacture U Haul trailers.

Who Makes U Haul Trailers?

U Haul makes their own trailers. Anybody who knows U Haul knows that they manufacture their own U Haul trailers and trucks. Come to find out, there are some car hauler trailers that are for sale.

So if you can get a hold of some of the hauler trailers you could purchase one. Someone who did buy a hauler trailer may be willing to sell you one. I would go to U Haul and ask them about the trailers that they are selling.

You should be able to buy a trailer from U Haul because they do sell some of their trailers. It is a program that allows them to sell certain trailers. If you are looking for a particular trailer you may not be able to buy it from U Haul. It really just depends on your U Haul and what they plan to do with their old trailers.

You should be able to ask U Haul about their old trailers. If they are going to get rid of those trailers anyway then why not allow you to purchase them. A manager probably would approve of you buying a trailer from them at least one of their old ones.

Does U Haul Sell Trailers

Does U Haul Have Trailers for Sale?

No, U Haul does not have trailers for sale. They are not trying to sell any of their products so have fun trying to find something like a U Haul trailer. They just are not wanting to sell their products with their name on it.

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