Does Victoria’s Secret Price Match?

If you want to buy something at Victoria’s Secret, you may be wondering if this store will do any price matching. This is something that many customers may wonder about as so many stores are now starting to offer price matching

‘This is a great option that allows you to snag the best deals at the stores that you want to shop at. It can be a great way to shop at higher-end stores without having to necessarily pay those higher-end prices as well.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Victoria’s Secret offers price matching, and if so, what does and doesn’t qualify for a price match.

Will Victoria’s Secret Price Match?

Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret does not do price matching with its competitors, no matter what the circumstances are. This is something that it has never done and has yet to show any desire to do in the future for its customers.

victorias secret price match

Victoria’s Secret has never done price matching in the past despite this becoming a popular option in stores. It has never given any reasons as to why this is though it may do this because it is such a widely known brand.

Though there are better prices out there for the same kinds of merchandise, Victoria’s Secret mostly charges you for the brand. Most items sold here are Victoria’s Secret branded items, so no other business sells them.

Because of this, Victoria’s Secret really has no competition that is on the same level. This means that there isn’t any competition to price match as Victoria’s Secret sells its own items and only those.

Most store prices match because they sell items that many of their competitors also sell. In order to get a price match, the items must be identical in make, style, color, and brand.

Stores that sell their own products that are designed and made by them do not need to price match. Because you will have a hard time finding those items anywhere else.

Does Victoria’s Secret Do Price Adjustments?

Though Victoria’s Secret does not do price matches for its customers, it does price adjust. This is something that, in a way, is similar to price matching while still being very different.

While price matching is when stores match the price of one of their competitors, price adjusting is matching the price of that store’s items. So if a robe went on sale after you bought it, you could ask for a price adjustment to pay the sale price.

Thankfully, this is something that Victoria’s Secret does allow, despite not doing price matching. If the price of an item changes within 14 days of you have bought it, you could ask for a price adjustment.

So if a robe cost $40 but went on sale to cost $20 a few days after you bought it, you could request a price adjustment. Then Victoria’s Secret would give you a partial refund for what you paid for that item.

Though you must have your receipt with you to get this price adjustment. This acts as your proof of purchase so that Victoria’s Secret knows that you did buy that item within the time frame.

victorias secret price adjustment receipt

Does Victoria’s Secret Price Adjust Online?

If you bought something from Victoria’s Secret online, you may be wondering if this is eligible for a price adjustment as well. The good thing is that you can ask for a price adjustment for online merchandise too.

The item can be price adjusted if the price changes within 14 days after you bought it. Though the same rules ply here as they do to in-store purchases, such as:

  • The item must be identical
  • It can’t have been bought at a reduced price
  • It can’t be a final sale item
  • You have to have a receipt

As long as you follow these rules, you should be able to get a price adjustment online. You will need to contact Victoria’s Secret through the website with your order number and the sale price of the item in question.

You should be able to hear back from Victoria’s Secret within a day or two to know if the price adjustment can be done. If so, you will be given a partial refund for that item.

Does Victoria’s Secret Do Price Matches?

Victoria’s Secret is a store that does not do price matching and never has. This is unfortunate, as it means that you cannot get a price match to make a Victoria’s Secret product cheaper.

You can, however, ask for a price adjustment if that same item went on sale after you paid full price for it. You will have 14 days to request a price match after having bought the item.

This can still, help you to get the best possible price even if you did technically miss the sale. If approved, you can get a partial refund with your price adjustment to make up for paying the full asking price.

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