Does Walgreens Cash Checks?

Walgreens has almost anything you could need, from prescriptions to beauty products. But if you need to get some cash, you should know if Walgreens can help.

Whether you go to Walgreens all of the time or not, it’s a convenient place. Consider what you can do there the next time you get a check.

Will Walgreens Cash a Check?

Walgreens will not cash a check, but you can get cash there in certain cases. The easiest option is to use a debit card and get cash back. You can also pay for something at Walgreens using a check.

If you need to cash a large check, you need to go to a bank or a check-cashing store. Then, you can get the money you need.

How to Use a Check at Walgreens

While Walgreens won’t cash a check, you can use checks to pay for things at Walgreens. There are a couple of options for this, but what you can do may vary between stores.

Does Walgreens Cash Checks

Here’s what you need to know when using a check at Walgreens.

A Check You Received

If you have a check for the perfect amount, you may be able to sign it over to Walgreens. To do this, you have to sign the back of the check. Beneath your name, write “Pay to the Order of Walgreens.”

However, not all stores will accept this payment method. For one, it needs to be the exact amount of the purchase to work. But it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can pay with a check that someone wrote to you.

A Check You Write

The easier option when using a check is to write the check yourself. This is where you take a check from your checkbook and make it out to Walgreens. You can make out the check for the perfect amount.

Most Walgreens stores should accept this payment method. If you want to be sure, call ahead and ask if you can use a check. Then, you can know if you need another way to pay.

Other Options to Get Cash

Even though you can’t cash a check at Walgreens, you can get cash from the pharmacy. You have a couple of options for this.

Consider your situation to help determine which method is the best for you. And you can always switch things up for each new scenario where you need cash.

Cash Back on a Debit Card

If you need to buy something at Walgreens, use your debit card. When the machine prompts you for cash back, select the amount you want. This is useful for getting a bit of cash, but you may not be able to get more than $20 to $50.

The amount you get can depend on what the cashier has in their drawer. Certain locations may also have different rules on the maximum amount to cash out.

Use an ATM

Some Walgreens locations have ATMs inside. You’ll need your debit card or bank card as well as your PIN to access your account and get cash.

However, the ATM is great if you need a bit more than $50 cash. You can usually take out more money than you’d be able to at a cash register. Then, you can use the cash however you like, but you may need to pay an ATM fee.

Buy a Gift Card

You can also use a check to purchase a gift card. A Visa card is an excellent option if you want to be able to buy things without using a credit or debit card. The card works at any store that accepts Visa cards.

If you want cash for a more specific purchase, you can buy a gift card to a restaurant or store. The card will be as good as cash, but you can’t convert it into cash. Keep that in mind before you purchase a card at Walgreens.

Go With a Friend

If you need to buy something at Walgreens in cash, you can go with someone. Ask a friend who does have some cash on them to head to Walgreens. They can pay for the items you need, or they can give you the cash for the purchase.

Then, you can use a digital payment option, such as PayPal or Venmo, to pay them back. This is nice if you can’t make it to a bank to get cash.

Where Can You Cash a Check?

If you need to cash a check specifically, you have a few options. You can go to your bank if you have a bank nearby. Then, you can cash the check, deposit it, or do a combination.

Another option is to visit the bank that the check is coming from. If you aren’t a customer of theirs, you may need to pay a fee. And you can go to a check-cashing place, but you’ll probably owe a fee, and it can cost more than going to a bank.

How Much Cash Can You Get Back at Walgreens?

The amount of cash you can get back from the cashier depends. As mentioned, you usually can’t get a ton of money, but you should be able to cash out $20 or so.

If you need more money, consider going to multiple Walgreens locations. Then, you can get the maximum amount of cash back at each register to help add up your cash reserve.

What If You Can’t Get Cash at a Walgreens?

In some cases, you may not be able to get cash from Walgreens. Maybe the cash register is low on change, or the store isn’t allowing cash back.

You can call other Walgreens stores to ask if they have cash they can give you. Then, go to that location and get the money you need.

Can You Cash a Check at Walgreens?

You can’t cash a check at Walgreens. However, you can get cash from the store in other ways, such as by using your debit card and asking for cash back. Another option is to pay with a blank check you have or to stop by an ATM in the store.

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