Does Walgreens Price Match?

Walgreens is a great place to get your prescriptions, over-the-counter stuff, and even the occasional snack. But it can also be expensive to shop there.

Before your next Walgreens trip, consider if they price match. Then, you’ll know if you may want to shop elsewhere to get what you need.

Will Walgreens Price Match?

Walgreens will price match its online prices in stores. However, the store excludes a variety of items, from online sales to the price of items in the pharmacy. They also won’t price match other retailers, and the items they do price match have to be identical and in stock.

Consider checking the website on your phone before you head to the checkout. Then, you can get the best deal without having to wait for shipping or curbside pickup.

Walgreens Price Match Policy

Walgreens will price match certain items that you find online but want to buy in-store. The items have to be identical when it comes to the brand, size, color, and other features.

What They Won't Price Match

You have to request the price match, so they won’t do it automatically. That means you may want to bring your smartphone inside as you shop. If you find something that’s a bit expensive, look at the Walgreens website.

As you reach the checkout counter, mention the lower online price. The employee can verify everything meets the requirements, and they can process the price match.

What They Won’t Price Match

When reviewing prices online, consider if they’ll even work for a price match. Walgreens won’t lower the price due to:

  • Online sales
  • Previous day prices
  • Prices due to typos

They also won’t price match a lot of medical supplies, like contact lenses. If you want those lower prices, you’ll need to order them online. Then, you can select store pickup to get them later in the day.

Finally, you can’t price match items that are out of stock. You’ll need to return when the item is on the shelf, and you can see if the online price is lower at that point.

Why Price Match at Walgreens

Being able to price match at Walgreens can save you a lot of time. If you’re already at the store, you can get what you need without having to order it over the internet.

That will keep you from having to wait for a delivery. And you won’t have to come back later if you choose to pick up the order in the store.

Unfortunately, you can’t price match CVS or Target pricing at Walgreens. So you may want to check those stores online first to see if they have cheaper prices. Then, you can go to the most affordable store.

How to Save at the Pharmacy

Walgreens won’t price match a lot of the stuff you get at the pharmacy. However, you can still save on those purchases.

Does Walgreens Price Match

Maybe Walgreens is the only option you have for getting your medications. Here are a few things to do to make sure you get the lowest possible cost.

Ensure Walgreens is In-Network

First, you should make sure your insurance has a contract with Walgreens. If the pharmacy is out of your network, you can expect to pay more for your medications.

You can contact your health insurance company and give the details of your plan. Alternatively, give Walgreens a copy of your insurance card.

Then, they can look up your plan and see if they’re in-network. If they’re not, your best option is to switch pharmacies for now and look for a different plan when you can.

Look for Copay Assistance

Some more expensive medications have copay assistance programs. These programs help you cover the cost of your prescription.

Ask your doctor if the meds you take have copay assistance. If so, you can join the program and give the program details to Walgreens so that you’ll get a lower cost.

A few programs may drop the price to $0. But it usually depends on your income and household size to determine the exact savings amount.

Will Walgreens Price Match

Switch to Generic

You might also want to talk to your doctor about generic versions of your medicine. If a drug has been around for a while, there should be at least one generic option.

Then, your doctor can tell Walgreens it’s okay to substitute the brand name medication with a generic one. Generic meds are almost always cheaper than the brand, and they can work just as well.

If you take multiple medications, switching them all to generic can add up. You might save a lot of money in a month or year.

Can You Price Match at Walgreens

You can price match at Walgreens, but that only works for prices. The store won’t price match other retailers. For online prices, the items have to be identical and in stock, and you can’t price match online-only discounts.

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