Does WinCo Cash Checks?

If you have a check that you need to have cashed, you may be wondering if you can have this done at WinCo. Does WinCo cash checks for its customers? Does WinCo offer any kind of money services like cashing checks?

These are common questions as many people think of WinCo when they need to cash a check. Not every store is going to allow this, so you want to look into it ahead of time to find out if this is allowed.

That way, you can avoid wasting your time and getting frustrated if you are struggling to find somewhere to cash your check. Keep reading to find out whether or not WinCo will cash your check for you.

Will WinCo Cash Checks?

WinCo does cash checks, depending on the kind of check that you are thinking of having cashed there. It will cash printed payroll checks for customers if that is something that they need for a small fee within the store.

WinCo will not cash checks that are:

  • Two-party checks
  • Loan checks
  • Finance company checks
  • Illegible checks
  • Money orders
  • Insurance checks
  • Checks older than 30 days

These are a few instances where WinCo will not cash your check for you. It only cashes payroll checks and doesn’t typically cash any other kind, no matter the circumstances or the WinCo location.

It allows customers to cash up to two payroll checklists within a seven-day length of time. Though these transactions must be below $1,000 as that is WinCo’s limit for cashing checks.

This is the general rule for WinCo locations across the US, as they all seem to follow this code. That means that no matter what location you visit, the rules will most likely be the same.

It is also important to remember that you have to show a government-issued ID to have a check cashed at WinCo. This could be anything from a student ID o a military ID to the more commonly used driver’s license.

You must have some form of ID to have your check cashed at WinCo.

Does WinCo Cash Payroll Checks?

If you need to have a check cashed, it is important to note that WinCo only cashes payroll checks. These are the only kinds of checks that it cashes, and even then it is going to have restrictions.

Does WinCo Cash Payroll Checks

Many WinCo locations confirmed that store associates would have to call your employer for verbal confirmation. This is used to verify that you are employed and that you are who you say you are.

This has to be done in combination with you showing your government-issued ID as proof of your identity. This can make the process of having a payroll check a little intimidating for most.

The good thing is that if nothing comes up, this process should be fairly simple. As long as everything checks out, you should be able to have your payroll check cashed quickly and with very little hassle.

Just make sure that you are prepared for these methods of verification so that you can get your check cashed. If you don’t have an ID or your employer’s phone number, you may not be able to have the check cashed for that visit.

How Much Does it Cost to Have WinCo Cash a Check?

If you are going to have a payroll check cashed at WinCo, you should be aware of the fees associated with this. WinCo will charge you a fee to do this as it is considered to be a money service.

Does WinCo Cash Checks

It also takes time for the store associates to do, so WinCo will charge you for this time that is required. The good thing is that this fee is not too bad considering how few stores cash checks.

You can expect to pay a fee of $5 for a check of up to $500 and a fee of $10 for checks over $500. This equals to be about 10% of the total amount of the check, which isn’t ideal, but it cannot be helped.

There aren’t many stores that cash checks for you and most of them will include a fee to do this. With WinCo, you are paying for the reliability and the good service when you go to have a check cashed.

Can WinCo Cash Check?

WinCo is able to cash checks for customers as long as they are payroll checks, these being the only checks it can cash. To have a payroll check cashed, you will have to pay a fee of $5 to $10, depending on how much the check is for.

You will also need to bring a valid ID, a way to pay the fee, and your employer’s phone number. The store associate will most likely have to verify your employment by calling your employer.

The ID is to verify that you are who you say you are and have legally obtained that check that you want cashed.

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