Does Zappos Price Match?

If you are thinking of ordering from Zappos, you may want to find out if Zappos does price matches with its competitors. This is a good thing to know as there might be a better price out there on the item that you are planning on buying.

If that is the case, why not try to get the lower piece instead of paying a higher price for an identical item?

This is where piece matching comes in handy, as you can hunt down the lowest price for something and try to get a price match for it from the place you want to buy from. Keep reading to find out whether or not Zappos does price matching.

Will Zappos Price Match?

Zappos has a sturdy price match policy within its company that guarantees price matching for its customers. This is great news for anyone who enjoys shopping at Zappos and wants the best prices that its competitors have to offer on their site.

Zappos is a popular online store that has always offered price matching this is part of why it has such a loyal fan base of customers that go to it to make their purchases online.

Price matching is an amazon option for customers so that you can always get the best deal on what you want to buy. It doesn’t matter where you buy it as long as that store does price matches.

This way, you can get the best price out there without having to actually shop around. This is ideal as no one wants to have to be ordering from all kinds of different online companies.

Zappos allows you to get great deals without having to leave its website to hunt down those prices. It will match the price of any of its competitors as long as it is the same item.

In order for an item to qualify to be price matched by Zappos, it must:

  • Be the same brand
  • The same make
  • The same color
  • And the same design

The item must be exactly the same in order to fall under Zappos price match policy. If it does, you can expect to pay that lower price instead of Zappo’s original price.

Does Zappos Give Price Adjustments?

Since Zappos gives customers price matching options, you may wonder if it also does price adjustments. This is something that many companies do as it helps customers to get the best deal within the site.

Does Zappos Price Match

A price adjustment can be used if you buy something and within a short amount of time, that item’s price drops. Maybe it had a price reduction, or it went on sale shortly after you bought it for the full price.

Zappos will do a price adjustment for you as long as this happens 10 days after the purchase. If the price changes 11 days after you have purchased it, that is too long, and you won’t qualify for a price adjustment.

So if you bought a Zappos item for $50 and it went on sale for $40, you will get a $10 refund. This way, you will have technically paid the reduced price since it was lowered.

You can request a price adjustment by calling the Zappos loyalty team or emailing them. Make sure you have a way of proving that you make that purchase to qualify.

Does Zappos Cover Shipping for Price Matched Items?

One of the unique things about Zappos is that it not only does price matches, but it also covers shipping. This is something that you will very rarely ever see a company do when it is doing price matches for its customers.

This can feel confusing to understand, but this basically means that Zappos is covering shopping expenses for you. So if a competitor is selling something for $10 with $5 shipping, Zappos will charge you $15 total.

And you will get free shipping with your order when you get that price matched. This is something most companies’ women do when it comes to shipping expenses.

In fact, many companies don’t price match online competitors because it gets too complicated to cover shipping expenses. But Zappos has made this very simple and helps you to get the best deal without having to leave the Zappos website.

Can I Get a Price Match at Zappos?

If you want to order something from Zappos, keep in mind that you can get a price match at this online store. This is something that Zappos guarantees so that you only have to pay the best price available.

Zappos also gives price adjustments if something changes in price 10 days after you bought it. You will get a partial refund so that you also get to enjoy that reduced price even after you already purchased it.

Overall, this makes Zappos a great place to shop as it already offers competitive prices, especially when it is willing to lower them. This makes it a great place to get the lowest prices without having to shop somewhere else.

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