DoorDash Paystubs and Proof of Income

DoorDash Paystubs and Proof of Income

Having proof of income is necessary for many important life tasks, including applying for an apartment lease, a car loan, (or almost loan for that matter), as well as filing and paying your taxes.

Obtaining proof of income if you are working for DoorDash as an independent contractor, however, can be a bit confusing.

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How do I get DoorDash Paystubs and Proof of Income?

If you earn over $600 and are a DoorDash driver in the U.S., DoorDash will send you a 1099-NEC form. Other than that, you can also follow the instructions below to obtain your Pay History for your personal records, or income verification via for relevant third parties.

How Do I Receive My 1099-NEC Form?

For eligible DoorDash drivers (drivers in the U.S. who earned over $600 in a year), DoorDash’s partner, Strip, will send the 1099-NEC form.

Unless you specify otherwise, DoorDash will both mail and email a copy of the 1099-NEC by February 1st. The recipient should then receive it no later than a week or two after that date. You’ll want to make sure that your mailing address and email address on file are correct.

The 1099-NEC form does not apply to DoorDash drivers in Canada or Australia. These drivers should check with local tax professionals for advice.

What Other Documentation for DoorDash Income Can I Get?

Working as a DoorDash driver, there are a few other documents that you can obtain in order to show proof of your income.

One documentation of your income is your Pay History. DoorDash states that you can obtain this by filing a support case using this link.

They advise you to use the email address associated with your DoorDash account in order to expedite your request. Also, you should note that the Pay History request may be best for personal use rather than official use.

For official income verification for third parties such as lenders or landlords, DoorDash partners with (DoorDash emphasizes that income verification is not for personal use, and is only intended for official third party verification.)

To share your official income verification with a relevant third party, DoorDash instructs their drivers to share this link for with that third party, so that the third party may request the verification.

Once the third party requests the income verification, the DoorDash driver will receive an email notification and must then complete the steps in that. After the DoorDash driver completes these steps, will provide the income verification to that third party.

What Income Documentation Can I NOT Get From DoorDash?

Since DoorDash drivers are independent contractors and not employees, DoorDash does not provide paystubs.

They also have a three paragraph long disclaimer on their website page, Common Dasher Tax Questions, about what information they do not track nor provide for their DoorDash drivers. They specify, instead, that the DoorDash drivers themselves should keep their own records of several specifics about their pay.

It may be helpful to consult a local tax professional to help you determine exactly what information you should keep, and an acceptable to way to record this information for tax purposes.

Specifically, DoorDash states that they do not provide a breakdown of tips, bonuses, base pay, milestones, or pay boosts.

For now, an easy solution might not exist for keeping track of these specifics (how much of your pay is tips, bonuses, base pay, etc.). So, you might want to keep a notebook or spreadsheet and enter this information at the end of each shift, just in case you ever need it.

Documenting Mileage and Other Possible Tax Deductions

It is always important to keep track of possible tax deductions, especially for independent contractors such as DoorDash drivers.

For this reason, it may be very important and advantageous to keep track of your mileage, as this may be tax deductible and could potentially add up to significant savings.

To help you keep track of your mileage, DoorDash recommends using their partner’s app, Everlance. DoorDash and Everlance provide an exclusive link that you can use to sign up for Everlance’s mileage tracking service and receive 3 months free.

DoorDash and Everlance tout this as an easy and IRS-compliant way to keep track of your DoorDash driving miles and maximize your tax deductions.

The Everlance app allows DoorDash drivers (or other drivers, too, of course) to classify whether a drive is for business or not, and then tracks the miles driven. The app will keep a log that the driver can download anytime.

Where do I find DoorDash Paystubs and Proof of Income?

DoorDash drivers in the U.S. who earn over $600 will receive a 1099-NEC form from DoorDash’s partner, Strip. DoorDash drivers may also follow the instructions above to receive their Pay History for personal records, or utilize to access official income verification for relevant third parties.


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