Grubhub Late Delivery

You’re done with work, and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. But you also don’t want to leave the house to pick something up.

Grubhub makes it easy to order food from your favorite restaurants. However, there’s always a chance your food will come later than you want.

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Why Does Grubhub Deliver Late?

Grubhub might deliver late for a variety of reasons. It usually has to do with the restaurant getting behind on orders or a lack of drivers willing to accept the order. The app itself offers an on-time guarantee, but most deliveries are out of Grubhub’s control.

grubhub late delivery

Fortunately, you can report late deliveries, and you can do a few things to help deliveries get to you sooner.

How to Avoid Late Deliveries on Grubhub

You can’t always completely avoid late deliveries on Grubhub. However, you can do a few things to reduce the chances of your food arriving late.

Consider the following tactics for your next Grubhub order. Then, you might get your food much sooner than you expect.

Order Outside of Rushes

One of the easiest things you can do is avoid ordering during the busiest times. Try not to order between 11:30am and 2pm or 5pm and 8pm. Restaurants might get behind since they have a lot of Grubhub orders and in-person orders.

If you want to eat during a busy time, try scheduling your order. That can help show the restaurant they need more employees to work at a specific time. It might also help Grubhub push your order to drivers earlier.

But ordering food outside of the busiest times is still a good strategy. And keep in mind that busy times at restaurants aren’t always the same. For example, some places may be busier at lunch than at dinner or vice versa.

But Not Too Late

Now, you might want to eat a late dinner, but try not to order food too late. After 9pm or 10pm, a lot of restaurants might close their lobbies and only use the drive-thru.

The way that can affect you is that the Grubhub driver can’t just go inside and grab your food. They’ll have to sit in the drive-thru line with all of the other customers. So your order could take a lot longer for the driver to pick up.

Choose the Restaurant Wisely

Another thing you can do to reduce the chances of a late delivery is to choose the right restaurant. If you’ve ordered through Grubhub often, you may know which restaurants tend to deliver on time or late.

Stick to the places that can get your food to you on time. Then, you can order the food you want without having to pick it up yourself.

You might also want to stick to restaurants that are only a few minutes away. The driver won’t have to deal with as much traffic, so they could get to your address sooner.

grubhub delivering near

Tip Well

Since Grubhub drivers are contractors, they have control over what orders to accept. That means your order could show up for multiple drivers before someone accepts it.

This usually happens with lower-paying orders. Apps without tips or with very small tips tend to pay less, so it will take longer for someone to take your order and deliver it to you.

Fortunately, this has an easy solution: tip your driver well. Try to tip at least 20% but more if you can. That way, you might get someone to take your order sooner, which can reduce the time you have to wait for your food to arrive.

What Is the Grubhub Guarantee?

The Grubhub Guarantee covers pricing and delivery times. Specifically, the on-time delivery guarantee makes sure you get your food on time.

If you don’t get the food when you should, contact Grubhub about the issue. They’ll give you a special perk to use for your next order. It’s unclear what the perk will be, but it could depend on how late the food is or why the delivery was late.

How to Report a Late Delivery

If you receive your food later than you should, contact Grubhub. They’ll set you up with that special perk. Grubhub might also look into the issue to see if it had to do with the restaurant or the driver.

For orders that are late due to the restaurant, Grubhub might pause the merchant’s account. That allows the restaurant to catch up on orders and keep from delaying deliveries to more Grubhub customers.

What Can You Do About a Late Grubhub Delivery?

You can contact Grubhub if your food gets to you late, and you can get a deal for your next order. In the future, consider scheduling your order or ordering from places in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to leave a big tip as well, which can encourage a driver to pick up your food sooner.

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