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Eating halal can be quite a challenge in the US as this is not a widely common way of eating. This is a diet dictated by Islamic law, making it more difficult to adhere to in places outside Islam.

If you do not live in a place that has halal food, it can be shared to find the things that you need. Especially if you have a family that wants more diverse food options, rather than the same few dishes that are easier to make.

You may not have easy access to halal-labeled foods or specialty grocery stores that sell halal options. Not only does this make regular meals difficult, but it also makes it hard to ever eat out or take a day out of the kitchen.

The good thing is that meal delivery services are striving to change that and make eating halal easier. This way, you have access to more halal foods, including foods that have already been prepared for you.

This can help to keep your meals interesting without laying all of the responsibility on you. Keep reading to find out what halal meal delivery options you have to choose from.

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1.  Scoff Meals

Scoff Meals is a halal-certified meal delivery service that is created by nutritionists, to create the most nutritious and healthy meals out there. This delivery service has a wide variety of meals to choose from that include all kinds of diverse cuisines.

This makes it easier to find delicious foods that are unique and interesting to feed to your family. This allows you to experiment with different cultural foods while still eating halal-certified meals.

Scoff Meals offers four plans that you can choose from, including balance, fat loss, build, and office. All have carefully calculated macros to help you reach your dietary goals with all of your meals.

These meals come to you already prepared, so all you have to do is reheat them and serve them fresh. This takes all of the work off of your shoulders and makes providing fresh meals for your family easier than ever.

Though these meals are delivered fresh, you can freeze them to preserve them for later if you don’t want to eat them that week. This allows you to stock up and always have prepared meals on hand for when you need them.

Weekly subscribers to Scoff Meals receive discounts on their orders, and each plan is going to cost a different amount. You can also order some snacks from Scoff meals to add to your pantry for during the week.

2.  My Halal Meat

My Halal Meat, as the name suggests, is a halal-certified meal delivery service that makes life easier. You will receive these meals already prepared and carefully packaged for safe delivery to your doorstep.

Halal Meal Delivery

Everything is certified halal and is processed under one roof that holds to halal standards. You can order all kinds of halal meals as well as snacks, pastries, deli meats, cheese, and dessert options.

My Halal Meat is owned by Muslims and everything is carefully crafted for your pleasure. You can order as much as you like or as little as there are no restrictions on how large your orders must be.

The prices vary by the product that you buy, but everything is very affordable, considering this is a specialty meal delivery service. No memberships or plans are required, you can order whatever you like whenever you want it.

3.  Saffron Road

Saffron Road is a meal delivery service that has protein options that are guaranteed to be halal-friendly. It has a lot of options to choose from, including ready-to-eat meals and frozen meals that can be saved for later.

The meals are diverse and feature all kinds of delicious flavors and ingredients. This can help you to keep meal time exciting without having to slave away in the kitchen all day long.

Saffron Road even has vegan and vegetarian options that you can order if you do not want any meat or other animal products in your meals. It also offers multiple serving size options to suit larger or smaller families.

This helps you to order exactly what you need without having to waste any food or save it for later. You can also buy simmer sauces and filter your order according to any allergies that your family might have.

Saffron Road even has kosher meals to choose from for people following other specialty diets.

All of the ingredients in the Saffron Road meals are ethically sourced and free of hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics. Making these meals healthy and clean so that you can feel good by ordering these meals for your family to safely eat.

4.  Halal 2 Go

Halal 2 Go is another meal delivery service that specializes in some of the best halal food options on the market. This company also specializes in allergy-friendly meals so that anyone can enjoy this food safely.

Halal 2 Go features chef-created dishes that are unique and delicious, perfect for adding new and interesting meals to your weekly rotation. The vegetables and grains are also ethically and locally sourced when it is possible for the company to do so.

Halal 2 Go has no memberships or strict plans, allowing you to order what you want whenever you want it without restrictions. It also has meats that are all Zabiha halal certified.

If you have special food preferences or health concerns, you can even create your own custom meals to accommodate that. Halal 2 Go even has keto and low carb options to suit diets aiming at weight loss.

All of the portions at Halal 2 Go, start at a price of $16.50. This is not the cheapest option out there, but it is a good price when you think about how specialty these meals really are, especially if you have specific food preferences or needs.

5.  HaGou

HaGou is a fairly new meal delivery service that has a mission to deliver delicious halal-certified meals to people. You can place your weekly order of its prepared meals and get them delivered right to your door in no time at all.

All you have to do is reheat the meals before you eat them, this can be done in the oven or microwave.

All of the meals from HaGou are nutritious and formulated to fill you up and leave you satisfied. All meal options have a protein, carb, and veggie options to give you well-rounded meals that are healthy and full of flavor.

The downside to HaGou is that it is on;y delivering to the NYC metro area, as of right now. Though it may expand its reach as it grows more popular and can become a larger company.

For right now, this is a great halal option for anyone living in the NYC metro area. You can order your meals and get them delivered to you that very day.

6.  Halal at Home

Halal at Home is another halal meal delivery service that specializes in creating and serving delicious halal options. This takes the stress off of you and gives you more options when serving dinner to your family.

All of the meals at Halal at Home are made by in-house chefs and made by hand. They are then frozen so that you can put them in your freezer and eat them whenever you want a quick and delicious meal.

Halal at Home is also health conscious with its foods and only makes meals that are artificial color, flavor, and preservatives free. All meat is sourced from credible halal meat facilities and offers traditional and modern cuisine options.

You have the option of building your own box with the meals that you want and having them delivered to your home weekly. You can even get 20% off of your first halal box so that you can try out the meals that you are interested in.

7.  The Diet Factory

The Diet Factory offers 100% halal meals that are focused on freshness and nutritionally dense options. All of the meals here are diet controlled and are designed to help you eat healthier and lose weight.

You can choose from The Diet Factory’s special diet and weight loss plans or simply pick the lunch and dinner meals that you want to try. It offers free home delivery, though you will need to make sure it delivers to your area as it is not nationwide.

This meal delivery company has a unique twist as it helps you to not only eat delicious halal food, but it also helps you eat healthier. Many of The Diet Factory’s meals are designed to help you lose weight or eat more protein.

All of the meals are already prepared, making it easier than ever to eat healthy and fresh food. You have a wide variety of meal options to choose from, including vegetarian options loaded with veggies.

The Diet Factory also offers family packages so that you can get more food at a lower price. Some meals are sold separately, but The Diet Factory, also has many packages to choose from to help you save some money on bulk orders.

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