How Long Does 4PX Shipping Take?

If you want to get into eCommerce, you might want to use 4PX. The company helps with logistics and ships across borders.

But international shipping can take a while, so you should know what to expect. Then, you can determine if working with them is the right choice for you.

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How Long Is 4PX Shipping?

4PX shipping can take anywhere from four to more than 30 days. It depends on the destination country of the package. For example, it takes 12 to 25 days for something to reach the US. But something can get to the UK in four to 14 days.

Knowing how long shipping can take is good for eCommerce business owners and customers. Business owners can know when to restock, and customers can know when they need to order something to get it on time.

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Factors That Affect 4PX Shipping Times

As with any shipping service, 4PX shipping times can change. Even if you order from one place twice, the first order could ship quickly. But the second order could take longer to get to you.

Before you wonder why shipping is taking so long, consider a few reasons. Then, you can check the tracking status to see if your package is stuck or if it’s just moving slowly.

Here are some common factors that may affect the shipping time with 4PX.

Delivery Location

First, you should consider the country where the package will end up. Shipping might only take four days if your order is going to the UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal, or Singapore. Aside from the UK, those countries are close to China.

However, if your order is going to the US, South Korea, Morocco, or much of Europe, it can take 12 days or 25 days. Orders can take 18 to 35 days to get to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Argentina.

Finally, you can expect to wait 30 days or longer if you’re ordering something to go to Brazil, El Salvador, Serbia, Russia, and much of Africa.

4PX package size and weight


Size and Weight

Regardless of the country, there’s a huge window for delivery time. That’s because shipping can also depend on the size and weight of your package.

It costs more to ship a larger package, and it might not fit on a delivery truck right away. So while a small box could go out earlier, larger boxes could sit for an extra day.

Handling in the Final Country

You also have to remember that your package needs to get through customs. In some cases, it might only take a couple of days. But it could take much longer for customs to process your package.

Sometimes, items get stuck in customs for a few days. If you notice that, you can contact customs and ask for a status update. Maybe something is wrong with the package and they have to inspect it.

Or they might just be backed up with a lot of stuff coming into the country.

Should You Use 4PX for Shipping?

You can use 4PX for shipping, and it’s a great choice for shipping eCommerce products from China to countries around the world. However, you or your customers will need to be willing to wait.

Of course, if you pack and ship what you sell, you will need to order big restocks. If you just drop ship to your customers, they might need to wait a while to get their order.

4PX shipping taking too long


Why Does 4PX Shipping Take So Long?

4PX shipping can take a while for a few reasons. First, your package may have to go on a boat rather than an airplane, so that can extend the shipping time.

However, your items will also need to go through customs when they arrive at the destination country. Some items go through quickly while others take time to process.

Of course, then you’ll have to wait for the item to get loaded onto a delivery truck to get to your city. The package will go through multiple rounds of sorting to help get to you.

Can You Make Shipping Go By Faster?

You can look into 4PX express shipping to help expedite the process. However, that will cost more, and it still might not guarantee faster delivery.

Things can happen that are out of your control, such as something getting stuck in customs. So there’s no guarantee that paying extra would mean you’d get your package sooner.

The best thing you can do is place your order as soon as possible. That way, 4PX can start to process it earlier, and it can get through customs sooner.

How Long Will 4PX Take to Ship?

4PX can take anywhere from a few days to over a month to ship. It depends on the destination country, size, weight, and customs. Be sure to order something as soon as you know you want it to cut down on the delivery time.

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