Inbound to Customs USPS

If you get a USPs notification saying inbound to customs, you may be curious about what this means. This can be confusing, especially if you have not used USPS often and don’t understand what its notifications mean.

This is a common concern for people as some USPS notifications can sound like something bad. Inbound to customs sounds a bit intimidating and may leave you worried about the fate of your package.

Keep reading to find out what USPS means when it says inbound to customs and if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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What Does Inbound to Customs USPS Mean?

If you get a USPs notification saying that your package is inbound to customs, this is good news. This means that your package is moving along through its route and will be cleared to come into the US to get to you.

All mail must go through customs in order to be accepted into any country. This is very important to make sure illegal items are not being shipped and that everything is up to code.

If you have ordered something from outside of your country, your package will inevitably have to go through customs no matter what. This allows the package to come into the country so that it can get to you.

This is why inbound to customs is a good sign since it means your package is making its way closer to you. Once it goes through customs, it will be that much sooner in reaching its final destination.

This notification does not necessarily mean that it has gone through customs, it is coming into the customs queue. So you will need to expect it to take a little extra time to get through customs before it can continue its delivery journey.

What Does Inbound Into Customs Your Item Is Being Processed by the United States Customs Mean?

Are you wondering what inbound into customs your item is being processed by the United States customs means? This is a confusing phrase that sounds a bit like something has gone wrong with your package.

Inbound to Customs USPS

The good thing is that this really just means that your package has finally made it into the US and is going through customs. This will happen if you have ordered internationally and your package has to go through customs to be cleared.

Your package is no longer in international postal services making its way to the US. It is now in the US and is in the possession of USPS so that it can get to you as quickly as possible.

This is a good sign and is the start of it making real progress toward your destination. When this happens, you will know that it will soon be on route to you.

How Long Do USPS Customs Take?

If your package is now in customs, you may be wondering just how long this process will take. This is a good question since you probably want a timeline to expect before you can receive your package.

The times can vary mostly, depending on the size of the package, though other things can affect it as well, such as:

  • Illegal objects
  • Questionable objects
  • The facility being extra busy
  • Very large packages

These are all things that can contribute to how long you have to wait for a package to get through customs. Typically, for small packages, you can expect them to be cleared in one to two days if there are no issues found.

For larger packages, it could take as long as four to five days. Though on average, people have to wait seven to ten days before their package is released by customs.

This is quite a large timeline scale, so you may just have to sit back and be patient before your package goes through customs.

Why Are USPS Customs Taking So Long?

If your package is taking a long time to get through customs, something may be wrong. This can happen if something in the package is not allowed to be shipped into the US.

This could even happen if customs cannot identify what the item in the package is. This can happen if the item is not easily identifiable and has no branding on the packaging to show what it is.

If this is the case, customs cannot simply clear the package without investigating further, taking more time. The items in the package may also be restricted, making the process longer.

This doesn’t mean the items are illegal, they could simply be allowed with guidelines, making the clearing process harder. Sometimes there isn’t enough custom documentation, slowing down the process as well.

This doesn’t happen a lot but it can happen if customs is being flooded with packages and yours falls through the cracks.

What Does USPS Mean by Inbound to Customs?

If you get a notification saying inbound to customs from USPS, this is nothing to be concerned about. This simply means that your package has reached US customs and is going to be cleared to come into the US.

This applies to packages ordered from outside the US, as they must go through customs to be cleared. This is required for any international package to ensure that everything is legal and safe.

This typically takes seven to ten days, but the times can vary by the size of the package, contents, and how easily it is identified. Overall, this is a good notification, but this process can take some time, so be prepared to wait a while.

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