Is DashPass Worth It?

You are considering getting a DashPass subscription but aren’t sure if it is even worth it. That’s what we’ll be discussing today. The benefits of DashPass and whether it is worth it or not. DashPass can be a real perk but it can also feel like a ripoff at times.

DashPass may or may not be worth it. There are a lot of factors that play a role in whether DashPass is worth it or not. DashPass has its own share of benefits and perks. Whether those perks and benefits outweigh the issues has yet to be determined.

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Will DashPass Be Worth It?

You want to know if DashPass is worth it and it can be. It is very possible that DashPass is worth it but maybe it won’t be worth it to you. Think about what you expect from a subscription like this and then go from there.

DashPass Review

DashPass is a subscription service with DoorDash. DoorDash is a delivery service that delivers food and groceries, just in case you aren’t familiar with this brand. Now, we are going to review DashPass to consider if it is worth the hype.

From what some customers say, DashPass may be worth the hype. One customer admitted to ordering from DoorDash ten times a month and he believes whole-heartedly that DashPass is worth it. It really only takes two orders to save the same amount that you are paying for the monthly fee each month.

So by ordering several times a month, you really are saving more than you are spending. But of course, not everyone orders like him. So if you only order once or twice a month, DashPass may not be very beneficial to you.

However, if you on the other hand order a lot of times from DoorDash, the subscription fee may be very well worth it. You just have to decide for yourself in this case if it is indeed worth it.

Keep in mind that everything is not black and white with DoorDash and their subscription service. There are some things written in fine print and there are also some restrictions to the free delivery and 10% off service fees.

You want to pay attention to these restrictions and fine print because it can tell you a thing or two about DoorDash overall as well as their DashPass service.

DashPass Restrictions

Is DashPass Worth It

The first restriction is that each order has to be over $12 to get free delivery and reduced service fees. Meaning that even if you have DashPass and your order is $10, you will not benefit from using this service, which kind of sucks.

Another restriction is that these benefits are offered in certain restaurants. DoorDash claims that you can get these discounts, perks and benefits with hundreds of restaurants. So it depends on where you live and what you like to eat whether the DashPass subscription is really worth it.

For example, I know someone who lives in a small town and they now have DoorDash but only McDonald’s actually offers the DoorDash service. So someone in this town in particular may not benefit from DashPass unless they order from McDonald’s several times a month. However, if they only eat McDonald’s once or twice in a month, it would not be worth it.

How DashPass Could Be Better?

Another thing that happens is that to really get a good amount off of your service fees you will have to place a big order. It all doesn’t really balance out because you only get 10% off of service fees, no more than that.

So while delivery is free you still have service fees to pay out and that does balance out in the end. When you get done paying the service fees it is like you have already paid the delivery fee as well.

DoorDash could have done one better since you are having to pay for the subscription every month. They could have offered 25-50% off of service fees but no that would be too good to be true. This would be more than right and that is why they will never do that.

No matter how much their customers fuss and complain, DoorDash will not make their DashPass perks and benefits better. There should also be more things added to the DashPass program. For example, getting a free meal here and there or even one free item every four orders or something like that would be a great perk.

DashPass Benefits

Is DashPass Worth It_

One of the greatest benefits of DashPass is the money that you can and will save. If you’ve been ordering from DoorDash for any length of time then you probably realize just how ridiculous their fees can be. DoorDash is expensive on its own but with a DashPass subscription you can save some money in the process.

Another benefit of DashPass is that you don’t have to pay a delivery fee. Even though most delivery fees are not much, they do add up over time. Before you know it, you’ve paid a lot of money in delivery fees alone.

If your order is $12 or more you can save money on service fees as well. Service fees are those fees that DoorDash charges you per order and like the delivery fees, service fees can add up and be pricey to deal with.

All in all, you save a little more than a few dollars per order. Again, that may not be much to some people but it does add up to be a good chunk of money that is left in your pocket per order. So I would say that these are the main benefits of the DashPass subscription.

There is not a whole lot to say about benefits and perks because there are not many. Could DashPass be better than what it is? Of course it could.

Is DashPass Worth Getting?

Personally, I don’t think DoorDash offers enough with DashPass to justify paying $9.99 a month. This could be just me but I like to know that my money is going to a good cause. And just like any other human, you want to know that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

DashPass is not worth getting because it just doesn’t offer enough. If they were to add different things that would benefit the person is to make the system better. I don’t know how they can expect people to want to pay for DashPass for the small amount of benefits and perks.

There are not a lot of benefits to DashPass and that is sad. They should bring the price down to $3.99 for the amount of things they offer.

DoorDash Monthly Fee

The DoorDash monthly fee is what is known as DashPass and it is a $9.99 subscription fee. This fee is charged when you decide to subscribe to DashPass. With this monthly fee, you get a set of perks and benefits.

It is a good subscription to have if you order from DoorDash a lot. If you only order from DoorDash on occasions then this subscription may not be worth your time. You just never know how much you are going to benefit from the DoorDash subscription.

If you can’t afford to pay the monthly fee every month you can buy just one month at a time. There are no contracts at all so you can cancel anytime as you see fit. When you cancel but decide to come back to DoorDash and get the DashPass subscription, all you have to do is enter your information again to get it started.

Is DashPass Worth It_

What Does DashPass Do?

DashPass helps you to save money, at least that is what it is supposed to do. It can help you to save a few dollars on each order that is DashPass eligible. DashPass can be helpful because DoorDash is expensive and charges high fees.

Having DashPass can really help you when placing an order on DoorDash. However, your DashPass is not always applied to each and every order because all orders are not eligible. There is a criteria that your order has to fall under in order to be eligible for DashPass.

DashPass is like a coupon subscription. I say this because you can save money when you subscribe to DashPass but it is not a lot of money that you save. You may save about $4-$6 but then it can start to add up depending on how often you order from DoorDash.

Another thing that DashPass does is lets you skip the delivery fees which also points back to saving money. On any other order you would have a delivery fee to pay but not with DashPass. DashPass prevents you from having to pay those pesky delivery fees.

Should I Get DashPass?

Now that you have learned a little bit about DashPass, you are probably wondering if you should get DashPass. Like I said earlier, it depends on a lot of different things. One of the things that matters is whether you use DoorDash or place orders with DoorDash a lot.

You could get DashPass because you are always ordering delivery from DoorDash. DashPass is an okay program or subscription service and it can be helpful. It just depends on your personal circumstances.

Is DashPass Going to Be Worth It?

DashPass may or may not be worth it. No one can really tell you if it is worth it or not because it depends a lot on you and your own expectations. Overall, I would say that yes DashPass is worth it.

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