Is the Post Office Open On Thanksgiving?

If you have mail that needs to be delivered, you may be wondering if the post office is open on Thanksgiving day. This is a good question as post offices tend to be open no matter what is going on, so you may want to know if it is open on this holiday.

Post offices are known for being open most days of the week, making it easy to get your packages delivered. This can be important if you want to mail someone a gift or need a package to reach someone within a certain timeframe.

This is why it is a good thing to know just when the post offices will not be open for business. Keep reading to find out whether or not the post office will be open on Thanksgiving day.

Is The Post Office Closed on Thanksgiving Day?

Because Thanksgiving day is considered to be a federal holiday, the post office will not be open on this day. All federal offices close this day, including most post offices in most areas, though privately-owned post offices could be different.

Post offices operate much like federal buildings do as they close for federal holidays throughout the year, this includes holidays like:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Independence day
  • Juneteenth

These are just a few days that you can expect your post office to be closed for. Though some areas may run by a different schedule and may be open but with limited hours.

It really depends on the post office, so you will just need to visit your post office’s website to see its hours. Though most post offices will be closed on these kinds of federal holidays no matter what.

Most businesses will be closed on major holidays, so it is a good idea to do what you need to do beforehand. Especially if you have mail that needs to be delivered and you want it to reach someone on time.

Does the Post Office Deliver on Thanksgiving?

Because Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, this means that most if not all post offices and mail carriers will not be working. This will result in you not getting your packages on this major holiday.

Is the Post Office Open On Thanksgiving

You will not be able to visit the post office to pick up a package or check your mailbox. If you are expecting a delivery, you also should plan on it not coming until after Thanksgiving day.

This is a major holiday, and most places will be closed and not operating like they normally would. Even if you expected a delivery on Thanksgiving day, it will end up being delayed until afterward.

This is why it is a good idea to expect this delay or plan ahead and order what you need in advance. Some packages may even be delayed just because it is near a holiday.

Delays in the mail are not uncommon and could be delayed by several days. You can keep an eye on items if you have tracking, though they will most likely arrive fine just a few days later than expected.

Does The Post Office Stay Open Before and After Thanksgiving Day?

Because Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, you may wonder if the post office closes the day before or the day afterward. This is a good question as some businesses do this to allow their employees more time off.

The good thing is that the post office does not do this because the day before and after Thanksgiving day are not holidays. And the post office only closes for federal holidays and will stay open the rest of the time.

So you can visit the post office a day before Thanksgiving or the day after if you have things to deliver or things to pick up. The only thing to keep in mind is that the post office may be exceptionally busy on these days.

It may be more crowded due to people trying to send or pick up things ahead of time. Or they may be expecting a bunch of mail the day after Thanksgiving. These are things to keep in mind, if you want to go to the post office around a holiday.

Is the Post Office Closed on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is another very busy holiday that you may need to visit the post office on, but is it open? This is typically the day when people are their most frantic as they prepare for Christmas day.

This includes things like grocery shopping, last-minute gift shopping, and delivering packages. The good news is that the post office is Open on Christmas Eve because it isn’t a federal holiday.

Christmas day is a federal holiday but not Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve falls into the ordinary holiday category with St. Patrick’s day and Valentine’s day. They aren’t federal holidays, though people do still celebrate them.

Because of this, you can still pick up your mail or deliver packages at your local post office. Just keep in mind that they might be extremely busy due to it being a holiday.

People may be crowding the post offices trying to mail out last-minute gifts or pick up last-minute deliveries. So it is always best to visit the post office well in advance of Christmas Eve if you want to avoid the crowds.

Is the Post Office Closed on All Holidays?

Many people may assume that the post office is closed on all holidays, though that just isn’t true. Though the post office does recognize federal holidays, this doesn’t include many other holidays.

The post office won’t close for holidays like:

  • Valentine’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Flag day
  • Good Friday

These are some examples of days that are holidays but not federal holidays. These are days when most businesses will stay open as they are not considered to be major enough to close down for the entire day.

So you can still visit your local post office on these days to pick up or deliver mail. Though they may be a little business since people may be trying to send out gifts or special packages on these days.

Some post offices may have shorter hours on these kinds of holidays just to give their employees a break. This will be different according to every post office, so you will need to look up your local office for its hours.

Only on major federal holidays will post offices close their doors completely so that no mail can be picked up or delivered. Mail carriers work in much the same way and will deliver on holidays that aren’t considered to be federal holidays.

Does the Post Office Close on Thanksgiving?

If it is Thanksgiving day, you should ex[ect all of your local post offices to be closed for the entire day. This is because Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, so most businesses will be closed on this specific holiday.

Though you can go to the post office the day before or the day after Thanksgiving day and pick up or deliver your mail like normal. Mail carriers will also be closed on Thanksgiving day as they run by the same kind of schedule as the post offices.

This only applies to federal holidays, as post offices and mail carriers usually run like usual on less important holidays.

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