Is There Anything Cheaper Than U-Haul?

If you are looking into moving trucks but want a cheaper option than U-Haul, you have some alternatives. This is not uncommon as U-Haul can become pricey once you look at all of its fees that are applied.

U-Haul has a trick of convincing people that it is dirt cheap when, in reality, it can become rather pricey. It has many fees that you don’t see until you go into one of its vehicles and fit that it is much more expensive.

To find out what other options offer good alternatives to U-Haul, keep reading to learn everything that you need to know.

What Are The Best U-Haul Alternatives?

Penske and Budget are the two best options when it comes to comparing companies to U-Haul. These moving companies offer better prices with similar results to U-Haul, making them the best alternatives.

Both of these options have a similar system to U-Haul and provide both long-distance and short-distance rental options. This makes it easier to find a company that suits your moving news and your budget.

Overall, Penske is the most similar to U-Haul in terms of the quality that you receive as its u-hauls are of amazing quality. You are definitely getting what you pay for with this company and can expect powerful u-hauls.

Budget is a cheaper option than either Penske or U-Haul though it is best for short-distance trips. It also offers fewer u-haul options that could be an issue depending on what you need.


Penske is the most similar option to U-Haul and offers many of the same options. It has many u-haul sizes and offers several kinds of vehicles to rent.

It also offers gear and can be used for long-distance rentals that cater to those who are moving. Its prices are also slightly below U-Haul while providing top-notch quality u-hauls that the competition doesn’t have.

Overall, Penske is the second-best option besides U-Haul when it comes to budget, long-distance rentals, and quality of u-hauls.


What Options Are Cheaper Than U-Haul

Budget offers long-distance trips through it shines the most for trips under 100 miles. This company gives you the best prices for short trips, helping you to save a lot of money along the way.

Budget is considered to be the most affordable option, but it is not ideal for long-distance moves. It offers the best prices for short-distance travel when compared to the competition.

Budget also offers fewer options than U-Haul or Penske does, so it may not be the best option for some customers. You will want to have a look at the Penske website to see if it has a u-haul that is the right fit for you.

Is Penske Cheaper Than Budget?

Though Budget is generally cheaper than both Penske and U-Haul, it doesn’t always come with a smaller price tag. Budget is ideal for short moves but can get more and more expensive the longer the trip.

Penske offers better one-way trips when compared to Budget, and is more affordable. Though Budget clearly wins when it comes to its local move prices.

Budget has fewer locations, which can make it harder to use it for a long-distance move. This could result in higher prices and you having to go out of your way to drop off your rental.

It is important to note that U-Haul can sometimes be cheaper than Budget when it comes to long-distance driving as well. Overall, Budget doesn’t shine when it comes to longer tips, it is best for trips under 100 miles.

Which is Better: Budget or Penske

If Budget and Penske were to go head to head, it is uncertain who would win exactly. It really depends on what your needs are and why you are needing to rent a u-haul.

If you are simply traveling a short distance or moving locally, Budget is by far the best option. This company offers the best short-distance prices and can save you big.

If you are driving a longer distance, Penske is the better option as it can offer cheaper prices and more drop-off locations. Penske is more common and can be found in most cities for you to drop off your rental.

Penske also offers amazing quality u-hauls, which are great for moving and transporting safely and with ease. These are the points that you will want to consider when choosing a rental company to use.

Both options have their good qualities, so it will depend on what sounds best to you and what aligns with your goals the most.

Why is U-Haul Expensive?

Is There Anything Cheaper Than U-Haul

U-Haul markets itself as one of the cheapest rental companies, and it does have some good prices. The thing is that it can be deceptive with how it presents itself, making its prices look cheaper than they really are.

You may think its base price is very cheap, but then you have to rent gear, get insurance, pay for mileage, and a variety of other fees. This can all add up to become pretty expensive as far as u-haul rentals go.

So, in reality, U-Haul is not as cheap as it makes itself out to be. It is not the most expensive option, but it is certainly not the cheapest or the best option either.

That is why it is a good idea to shop around first and look at the competition. You just might be able to find a better option that still suits your needs and provides the kind of u-haul that you are looking for.

Both Penske and Budget offer better prices and have many of the same benefits as U-Haul does.

What Options Are Cheaper Than U-Haul?

Both Penske and Budget are both great alternatives to U-Haul. They are similar companies and can offer many of the same options that you get at a U-Haul location, if not more.

Though U-Haul is one of the most popular rental companies out there, that does not make it the best. Its prices may look very affordable but can quickly change before you know it.

Its prices can be deceptive and make you think that you are getting a great deal before you actually see the bill at the end. Whereas, Penske and Budget are a bit more transparent when it comes to presenting their rates.

Both options have their own pros and cons to consider before fully making up your mind. Penske is most similar to U-Haul and offers many of the same perks that you might enjoy.

While Budget is ideal for short-distance moves and can give you a great price that is unmatched. Though it is somewhat limited when it comes to its vehicle options, which might be a problem for some.

Which option you decide to go with will ultimately come down to what you are personally looking for. Are you moving long-distance or short-distance? Do you need a very large u-haul, or will any size do?

These are the questions that will be the deciding factor when it comes to the company that you decide to go with. Make sure you do your research so that you can make the best decision possible for you.

That way, you can get exactly what you need for the best price available, so that you can save some money.

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