Michigan’s Adventure Tickets at Meijer

If you live in or visit Michigan, you may want to check out Michigan’s Adventure. But instead of buying tickets at the amusement park, consider where else you can buy them.

You might want to check out Meijer, a local grocery store. Then, you can get your tickets early and have more time to spend at the park.

Can You Buy Michigan’s Adventure Tickets at Meijer?

You can buy tickets to Michigan’s Adventure at most Meijer stores. The store tends to sell the tickets for a discounted rate. If you want to buy tickets, be sure to look at the gift card section or ask an employee if you can’t find the tickets.

Sadly, the Meijer tickets don’t include parking or season passes. But it can still be a convenient option to help prepare for your trip.

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Why Buy Michigan’s Adventure Tickets at Meijer

If you want to go to Michigan’s Adventure, Meijer is an excellent place to buy tickets. You might not want to buy them directly from the park.

Here are a few advantages of shopping for tickets at a grocery store.

More Convenient

If you live in Michigan, Meijer might be your go-to grocery store. Since the store has food and park tickets, you can save a bit of time. You can buy the tickets the week before you plan to go to Michigan’s Adventure.

Then, you’ll have a bit of extra time on the day of your visit. You won’t need to wait in line for tickets, so you can go straight to the gate when you arrive.

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Get a Discount

Another reason you may buy your tickets at Meijer is to save money. At the gate, a ticket will cost $40 per person ages 3 and older (2 and under get in free). But Meijer sells those same tickets for $36.

Sure, $4 in savings isn’t much if you’re buying one ticket. But for a family of four, that comes out to $16 in savings. If you go to Michigan’s Adventure often, the savings will rack up quickly.

Avoid Service Fees

You can also save money by buying tickets at Meijer instead of on the Michigan’s Adventure website. Not only do the tickets cost more on the website, but you’ll also incur a service fee with the transaction.

Depending on the transaction total, the service fee could be $6 to $10. That means going to Meijer could help you save even more on your trip.

Payment Options

If you use a credit card for everything, paying online might not be a bad thing. But maybe you don’t like using cards when you don’t have to. That’s another fantastic reason to purchase your Michigan’s Adventure tickets at the grocery store.

Like any store, Meijer can accept cash and checks in person. Then, you can use the payment method you prefer, and you won’t have service fees.

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Why Not Buy Michigan’s Adventure Tickets at Meijer

While Meijer can be a good place to buy tickets, it’s not for everyone. Consider a couple of drawbacks before you shop for your Michigan’s Adventure tickets.

Not All Options

Sadly, Meijer doesn’t carry as many ticket options as the park itself. You can buy a day pass, but you can’t buy a season pass, which could save you money if you go often.

Also, you’ll still need to pay for parking when you get to Michigan’s Adventure. Parking costs $20 to $30 depending on the size of your vehicle. However, the savings at Meijer could help cover the price of parking.

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Potential Waste of Money

If you’re a planner, you might not have to worry about wasting your money. But it can be easy to buy tickets on impulse, thinking you’ll use them later.

However, maybe it rains the next weekend. Or you might lose the tickets after you get home from Meijer.

If you’re not the most responsible, it could be a better option to buy your tickets when you get to the park. Then, you’ll know you’re going and that you’ll use the tickets. And you don’t have to worry about bad weather or other obstacles.

You’re a Visitor

Some people might visit Michigan to go to the famous amusement park. In that case, you might not live near a Meijer. Even if you do, the stores outside of Michigan might not carry tickets to Michigan’s Adventure.

In that case, it’s a better option to either wait until you get to the park or buy tickets online. Then, it won’t matter where you live or what grocery stores are nearby.

How to Buy Michigan’s Adventure Tickets at Meijer

If you decide that Meijer’s the right place to buy your Michigan’s Adventure tickets, you should consider how to find and purchase them. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have enough money in cash or on a card.

Then, you can go to your local Meijer and look for the gift card section. You can search the section to see if they have any tickets ready to purchase.

When that doesn’t work, go to the customer service counter. Ask the employee if they have any tickets available. If not, ask when they get more in stock or call the next day to ask.

Does Meijer Sell Michigan’s Adventure Tickets?

Meijer stores in Michigan sell tickets to Michigan’s Adventure. Be sure to look for them with the gift cards or to ask for help finding what you need. Then, you can save money and time so that you can enjoy your day at the amusement park.

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