Number of IKEA Stores in the USA

If you like shopping for affordable furniture, IKEA’s probably one of your first stops. But if you’re moving somewhere new, you should consider if you can get the furniture there.

Sure, you can transport it yourself, but it’s nice to order it from your new place. So consider the number of IKEA locations and if you’ll live near one in the future.

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How Many IKEA Stores Are in the US?

As of the middle of 2022, there are 51 IKEA stores in the US. Those stores are in 27 states, and each store is in a different city. California, Texas, and Florida have more stores than other states.

The Los Angeles and New York City areas are the cities with the most nearby IKEA stores. If you want to shop from IKEA, you can travel, and you can rent a truck to transport your new stuff home.

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What States Have IKEA Stores?

You’ll find at least one IKEA store in 27 states, including California, Texas, Florida, and New York. Be sure to check out the store’s location page. That way, you can find the closest store to you, even if that’s in another state.

Most of the IKEA stores are in major cities or suburbs. So even if your state has an IKEA or two, you’ll probably need to head into town to shop for furniture there.

How to Shop at IKEA When You Don’t Live Near One

Fortunately, you don’t have to live near an IKEA to shop for furniture there. Of course, living near the store makes things easier, but you have other options.

Here are a few things you might want to do if you live far from the nearest store.

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Shop Online

One of the most convenient options is to shop on the IKEA website. You can search for a specific item or simply browse each of the sections. A lot of the items are available for delivery, so you don’t have to go to the store to pick everything up.

Now, delivery can be expensive, especially for larger items. However, you won’t have to travel and stay at a hotel or rent a vehicle yourself.

Plus, shopping online means you avoid the confusing maze that a store has. That can be nice if you know just what you’re looking for and are ready to buy.

Make the Trip

Another option is to travel to the city with the closest IKEA store. If you live an hour or two away, you should be able to make it a day trip. Leave home early in the morning, spend a few hours at IKEA, and head home.

If you live a bit farther away, you’ll probably want to book a hotel. Then, you can get into town whenever it makes sense, and you don’t have to rush to get back home.

While you can fly, it’s probably better to rent a car and drive. That takes longer, but if you plan on buying larger items, you’ll need a way to transport them.

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Find Used Items

This isn’t technically shopping at IKEA, but you can shop for used IKEA furniture. Look on eBay, Facebook, and other used marketplaces.

Consider if anyone near you is selling the items you want. Of course, you can’t always find anything from IKEA, and what you can find might not be your ideal item.

However, if you want to get something from the store, used is a good option. This can be especially easy if you live near a college town. Keep an eye on the marketplaces near the beginning and end of the school year to see if college students are selling their stuff.

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How to Transport Your Items From IKEA

If you decide to drive to IKEA and shop there, you’ll need to transport your stuff home. Sure, if you just buy some pillows, that will fit in your car. But if you’re driving that far, it’s probably to get something larger.

One option is to borrow a truck or a minivan from a friend or relative. That way, you’ll have more space for a few smaller to medium-sized items.

If you know you want to get a bed, dresser, desk, and more, rent a moving truck. You can rent it two ways, or you can fly in and rent the truck one way. Then, you’ll be able to head to IKEA and fill up the truck with whatever you need.

How Many IKEA Locations Does the US Have?

The US has 51 IKEA locations as of July 2022. That number may change in the future if the store decides to expand. If you’re far from the store, consider shopping online or traveling for a day or two if you really want some IKEA furniture. Then, you can get what you need and take it home no matter where you live.

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