Postmates Fleet Account Hacked

Postmates Fleet accounts are susceptible to information breaches like any other online profiles. Several users have had their information stolen and compromised. So what can you do if your account is hacked?

Here’s everything you need to know about Postmates Fleet account breaches and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

Was My Postmates Fleet Account Hacked?

Several Postmates Fleet accounts have been compromised due to insecure information and hackers. You’ll notice a different balance, linked bank accounts, emails, or other suspicious activity if your account has been breached. Luckily, there are several ways you can protect your account.

postmates fleet account hacked

How to Tell If Your Postmates Fleet Account Was Hacked

You might be in a panic if you suspect your Postmates Fleet account has been compromised, but the first step is to stay calm. Here are a few ways to determine if your account and information were breached.

Sign Into Your Account

You’ll need to sign in to your account to determine if your information is compromised. You might need to log out of your account and log back in to see if your login information has been changed. In some cases, your login information will be altered, and you won’t have access to your account.

Unfortunately, your information might not be secure even if you still have access to your account. Someone might have access to your account without changing the details.

Check for Suspicious Activity

Inspect your Postmates Fleet account for suspicious activity. Look through your history section, past orders, and other tabs to see if the details match your previous activity. Suspicious account activity can include:

  • Balance changes
  • Newly linked bank accounts and information you didn’t approve
  • Order requests you didn’t complete
  • Finished orders you didn’t approve
  • Information changes you didn’t approve
  • Text messages or phone calls you didn’t approve
  • Information requests you didn’t approve

Check Whether You’ve Been “Pwned”

You can use the website Have I Been Pwned to determine whether your account information, emails, and phone numbers have been compromised. The service inspects publicly available databases to see if your information has been posted online or stolen.

Have I been Pwned is a long-standing and respected service that’s used by businesses, corporations, and governments to inspect account security.

What to Do if Your Postmates Fleet Account Was Hacked

Don’t panic if you believe your Postmates Fleet account was hacked. There are several steps you can take to restore your account, secure your information, and prevent future breaches.

Change Your Password

The first step to securing your information is to change your password by following the steps below:

  • From the Eats app menu, select “Help.”
  • Select “More” located beneath “Account and Payment Options.”
  • Choose “I forgot my password.”
  • Follow any prompts and steps to create a new, unique, hard-to-guess password.

You might want to consider changing passwords for your other accounts if you had any linked credit cards, bank accounts, or emails. Changing these passwords will help you from being breached in the future.

postmates fleet account change password

Remove Any Linked Bank Accounts

You’ll need to remove your linked bank account and cards after changing your password. Be sure to remove any suspicious linked cards and accounts if someone else logged into your account.

However, be sure to take screenshots of the linked accounts and cards before removing them. Taking screenshots will help you have information and proof for when you contact Postmates customer support.

Contact Customer Support

Be sure to contact Postmates or Uber customer support if you believe your account information has been hacked or compromised. Postmates was bought by Uber, so accessing customer support can be a bit tricky.

  • You can start by heading over to the official Postmates Help Page and searching for your issue.
  • You can use the hacked Uber account help page and scroll down to the bottom to enter your issue.
  • You can contact the Postmates social media pages, like on Twitter at Postmates Support.
  • You can try emailing Postmates directly at

Use a Password Manager

One of the best ways to keep your account safe in the future is to invest in a password manager. Password managers create difficult, unique passwords and store them for you on an encrypted, secure platform.

These services are also useful if you have difficulty keeping track of passwords or creating strong passwords. Some services to consider are LastPass and 1Password.

Postmates Fleet Account Breached

Several Postmates Fleet accounts have been compromised due to insecure information and hackers. Breached accounts will have information and income stolen. You’ll notice a different balance, linked bank accounts, emails, or other suspicious activity if your account has been breached.

If you suspect that your account has been breached, start by changing your password, removing linked bank accounts, and contacting Postmates Support on Twitter. You might need to change your passwords on other websites or invest in a password manager to protect yourself in the future.

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