Princess Polly Return Policy

If you are thinking of shopping at Princess Polly, you are probably wondering about its return policy and what it includes. This is a very good question to ask as you don’t want to order something without understanding if it can be returned.

Though it isn’t common, there are plenty of places that do not accept returns of any kind. Because of this, it is a good idea to always take a look at the return policy of a company before you buy from them just to be on the safe side.

Keep reading to find out what Princess Polly’s return policy includes.

Does Princess Polly Have a Return Policy?

At Princess Polly, the return policy is fairly straightforward, allowing you to clearly understand what is and isn’t allowed. You can usually make returns within 30 days if you don’t like the items to receive a refund or a gift card to the store.

Like most stores, there are certain things that are required for you to make a return. These details ensure that people aren’t buying things like clothes just to wear them once and return them.

So the items you return must:

  • Be unworn
  • Not have been washed
  • Have all of the original tags
  • Must not be damaged

These are things required for you to make a successful return. If any of these issues are found with a return of yours, it will not be accepted or refunded.

Swimwear must also have the hygiene seal in place in order to be eligible for a return, if this seal is gone, they won’t be accepted. Princess Polly is also not responsible for shipping fee refunds.

You will not be able to get any shipping refunds even if you end up returning the items. If you ever receive damaged items, you will need to contact Princess Polly to discuss the issues to find a solution.

You don’t want to try to return it only to have it look like you damaged the items.

Does Princess Polly Have Non-Returnable Items?

Though Princess Polly has a very reasonable return policy, it cannot accept any kind of product. It sells a variety of items, and not everything is going to be eligible to return, some of those items being:

  • Cosmetics
  • Underwear
  • Earrings
  • Beauty tools

Princess Polly Return Policy

These items cannot be returned as they are not going to be hygienically safe to return to the store. These items cannot be resold, as they have potentially been used by someone else.

So, if you buy any of these particular items, you will have to be satisfied with your purchase. Even if you end up changing your mind, these items cannot be returned under any circumstances, unless they were damaged before getting to you.

In that case, a replacement will most likely be sent. Keep in mind that you also cannot return items that have clearly been women, washed, or had the tags removed before returning.

Princess Polly will also not accept returns of items that you have ended up damaging or breaking. These are only accepted if they arrived in this state and you need your money back or want a replacement.

Can I Exchange at Princess Polly?

Princess Polly’s exchange policy is a bit confusing to buyers as it is allowed in some cases and not in others. Many returns are eligible for exchange if that is what the customer wants.

However, international returns cannot be exchanged, they also are not eligible for store credit. These are restrictions that apply to only international orders and returns.

In general, you can exchange an item if that is what you want to do, as this can make the process simpler. You can do this if you bought the wrong size, want another color, or the item is defective or damaged in some way.

These are all instances where Princess Polly typically allows customs to exchange instead of return. If you have bought internationally from Princess Polly, this is not going to be an option, however.

You will have to go with the traditional return method of simply getting a refund for the returned items.

What is the Return Policy at Princess Polly?

The return policy at Princess Polly is fairly common as it allows customers to return items within 30 days of having received the delivery. Then you can either get a refund, get a gift card, or exchange the items.

It is only international orders that are not eligible to be exchanged or refunded with store credit. Other orders are eligible for all of these things, giving you plenty of options when going to make your return.

It is also important to remember that Princess Polly will not accept certain items due to hygienic concerns. It will also not accept clothing that has been worn or washed, all of the original tags must also be on.

If you receive damaged or defective items, you should immediately contact Princess Polly about it.

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