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Marshalls is a major department store chain that is known for its wide selection of products and excellent prices. Marshalls has built an empire for itself by offering some of the best prices that you can find.

It offers all kinds of products, including clothing, shoes, home goods, accessories, and much more. All while keeping its prices competitively low, earning the name of being a discount store where you can find exceptionally low prices.

Marshalls has remained popular as it offers prices that any store cannot compete with. Especially as it also carries all kinds of name brands and designer label items.

Keep reading to find out what other stores are similar to Marshalls.

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1. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a top competitor of Marshalls and offers heavily discounted prices on its items. It sells items that you would find at Nordstrom for a much cheaper price, making it more affordable for people who like Nordstrom.

You can find everything here that Nordstrom has, such as clothing, home goods, accessories, beauty products, and more.

2. Walmart

Walmart is one of the world’s biggest discount stores that sells all kinds of products for its customers. Though Walmart is mostly known as being a grocery store, it has so much more to offer.

Nordstrom Rack

Like Marshalls, Walmart sells a huge selection of shoes and clothing for men, women, and children. It also sports a selection of home goods and decor pieces that you can buy along with its other diverse options.

Walmart is a very affordable store and is going to offer prices lower than other stores like Marshalls. You will be able to find the best possible prices at stores like Walmart.

3. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a chain of stores that offers a wide variety of items that you can buy. Though it mainly puts the focus on its clothing lines that include several different designers.

Stores Like Marshalls

Though Kohl’s offers luxury items, it keeps its prices very reasonable and offers sales throughout the year. At Kohl’s, you can find high-quality pieces from all kinds of brands without going over your spending budget.

4. Target

Target is a major competitor of Walmart, making it another alternative shopping option to any Marshalls store. This very popular store sells all kinds of merchandise, whether you need groceries, home goods, clothing, or pet care items.

Though Target does put a larger emphasis on its clothing that Walmart does, making it a great alternative to Marshalls. Target offers a wide selection of affordable clothing and shoes for men, women, and children.

It also hosts several sales when new inventory comes in and has a discount section that you can look through for the lowest prices.

5. HauteLook

HauteLook is an online retail store that is owned and operated by Nordstrom. This means that HauteLook is similar to Nordstrom in many ways, making it also similar to stores like Marshalls.

Here at HauteLook, you can expect to see an ever-changing selection of fashion options. This store is very up-to-date with the trends and is always adding new items to its fashion selections.

This is also made possible since it is an online retailer and can have a much larger inventory collection. HauteLook sells clothing for both men and women in the latest styles.

6. Asos

Asos is a UK store that is known for offering affordable fashion options. This is a great place to get the latest piece of fashion that is trendy and fun.

Asos offers fashion options for both men and women with styles that are forever changing to be up to date. There are also other products available that are made from brands that Asos also carries.

If you are interested in trendy pieces that are up to date with the latest fashion, Asos is a great place to go for great prices and products.

7. Everlane

Everlane is a retail store chain that is known for its excellent fashion choices. This is a store that offers environmentally conscious options that are ethically sourced from places all over the world.

When you shop at Everlane, you won’t just be getting amazing pieces to add to your closet, you will be buying responsibly. This is a huge benefit and allows you to shop to your heart’s content guilt free.

Here you can buy all styles of fashionable clothing, from classy pieces to more unique pieces to make a fashion statement.

8. Macy’s

Macy’s is similar to Marshalls as it offers all kinds of merchandise from clothing to shoes to home goods. It is the upscale version of Marshalls, offering many of the same items at a slightly higher price point.

You can find all kinds of brand names and designer labels at Macy’s, all at a cheaper price than many of its competitors. Though it is still not considered to be affordable enough to be called a discount store like Marshalls.

9. Saks Off Avenue

Saks Off Avenue is a store just like Saks Fifth Avenue, except it is a discount store much like Marshalls. This is where you can get Saks Fifth Avenue merchandise at a much lower price range once it goes to this branch of the store.

Saks Off Avenue offers the same kind of merchandise only at a highly discounted price range. This allows you to buy designer pieces without going over budget like you would in Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

This makes Saks Off Avenue much like Marshalls, as it offers discounted prices that make it much more affordable.

10. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the best stores to go to if you want the latest in trendy fashion pieces. His chain of stores has continued to be very popular and attracts a younger crowd with its up-to-date products.

Urban Outfitters is not necessarily cheap and will cost a little more than Marshalls prices. Though you will have a more relevant selection of items to choose from at Urban Outfitters.

This is a store that also carries a heavy brand, so you are also paying for the Urban Outfitters brand itself.

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