What Are Lifetime Deliveries on DoorDash?

If you’ve driven for DoorDash for a while, you may know a lot about the app. But you might not know much about lifetime deliveries.

Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, consider what lifetime deliveries are. Then, you can learn even more about DoorDash and the app.

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What Do Lifetime Deliveries Mean on DoorDash?

Lifetime deliveries refer to the number of deliveries you’ve made since you signed up for DoorDash. At certain milestones, you receive an email thanking you for the work. There are rumors that you may get free merch at other milestones.

For new drivers, lifetime deliveries can help you track your progress toward a refer a friend bonus. DoorDash has also rolled out a Dasher Rewards Program to offer more bonuses.

Lifetime Delivery Rewards

You may be able to earn some rewards, and those can depend on your lifetime delivery number. Consider a few ways this number can affect the rewards you earn.

What Are Lifetime Deliveries on DoorDash

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you refer a friend to drive for DoorDash, there’s usually a bonus involved. However, your friend will have to complete a certain number of deliveries for you to earn the money. They also have to complete those deliveries in a specific timeframe.

The new dasher can use their lifetime delivery number to track their progress. Of course, if you refer someone, you can’t track their deliveries as easily. But if a friend refers you, you can use your lifetime delivery number to track your progress.

Then, you and your friend may earn a significant bonus. There will be a special page where you can track your progress, but the lifetime deliveries page is another great resource.

An Email

It may not sound like much, but DoorDash will send you an email when you reach a certain number of lifetime deliveries. The reward isn’t as good as cash or gifts, but it’s nice to know the company appreciates drivers who stick around.

Free Merchandise

Some dashers have claimed that DoorDash sends you gifts when you reach higher milestones as a driver. We can’t confirm or deny these claims, and it’s possible that DoorDash has stopped giving merchandise or may stop in the future.

If this is true, you’ll need to complete thousands of orders. However, if you can earn some free stuff, you can wear it on your dashes to help customers and merchants recognize you.

Cash Bonus

In 2021, DoorDash gave certain drivers a cash bonus based on their lifetime deliveries. The rewards varied from $300 all the way up to $20,000. DoorDash used the lifetime delivery number to calculate how much to give drivers.

It’s possible that DoorDash will do this again in the future. Another driver bonus was a monthly bonus. If you completed a certain number of deliveries per month, DoorDash may pay you an extra amount. Again, this happened in 2021, so it’s possible the program is no longer active.

Ways to Use the LIfetime Delivery Tracker

Whether or not DoorDash is offering bonuses, you can use your lifetime delivery page for other things. That way, you can stay motivated as a driver.

It doesn’t matter if you just downloaded DoorDash or have been dashing for years. Consider the following options when using your lifetime delivery page.

Track Your Goals

Maybe there aren’t any DoorDash incentives, but you have goals for yourself. You can set a goal of how many deliveries you want to make in a day, week, or month. If you reach that goal, you might choose to buy yourself a treat.

A good way to track your progress toward a goal is to use the lifetime delivery page. You can track the deliveries yourself, but it can be easy to forget one or two.

It’s much easier to write down the number of lifetime deliveries at the start. Then, at the end of the goal period, look at your new number. Subtract the starting number to see if you met your goal. Or you can use your starting number to set a goal end number so that you don’t have to do any math later.

Compare Deliveries to Income

If you’ve been driving for DoorDash for a while, you may want to know how much you tend to earn per delivery. You can look at your lifetime delivery number. Take a look at your bank statements, and add up all of your earnings.

Divide your earnings by the number of deliveries. That will tell you the average amount you make per order that you complete.

Of course, this will be difficult to do if you’ve done a lot of deliveries. But in your first year, it won’t take too long to add everything up to see if your side hustle is worth it.

What Are DoorDash Lifetime Deliveries?

DoorDash lifetime deliveries add up all deliveries you’ve made for the company. The app may use that number to award bonuses or free merchandise. But you can use it for your own records to track your hourly rate or reach other goals related to DoorDash.

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