When Does DoorDash Start Delivering?

When Does DoorDash Start Delivering?

Are you wondering when DoorDash starts delivering? To be honest, there is no exact answer. The time the delivery service app starts working depends on when the restaurants, cafes, and grocery shops open.

Discussed below is a look at how early DoorDash delivers, and when it stops delivering, the best time to order, and so much more.

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When Does DoorDash Start Delivering in 2023?

You can open and browse DoorDash 24/7. However, this does not mean that you will be able to order from it whenever you want. The restaurants, cafes, and grocery shops on it usually open at around 7 AM. This would be the earliest the delivery service starts working, then.

When Does DoorDash Close?

Most of the participating establishments on it close before midnight.

Depending on where you live, you might find a few eateries on DoorDash working after midnight, but this would be rare.

Sometimes you can’t see your doordasher moving, but that does not mean that doordash closed. Unfortunately you can’t even see how many doordashers you have in your area.

What Does Scheduling on DoorDash Do?

Don’t want to wake up at 7 to order something? DoorDash’s Scheduling feature has your back. You will be able to schedule a delivery hours or days beforehand.

Making use of the Scheduling feature is pretty easy:

  • Find what you want to order and then go to the checkout page
  • You’ll see a Scheduled button on the side
  • Click on it and set the date and time for your delivery

What is the Best Time to Order on DoorDash?

To talk about the best time, we first have to talk about the worst times to order.

Want your order delivered fast? Then don’t order during rush hour. Your delivery guy will likely get stuck in traffic.

Also, if you’re ordering food, know that eateries are busier at certain times of the day than others. Saturday mornings are particularly busy, as most people are home from work and don’t want to spend time making breakfast. Moreover, the weekend and Friday nights are particularly busy for eateries too.

So, the best time to order will be any time that doesn’t fall into the above categories.

What Services Does DoorDash offer?

Before we get on to how early the delivery service starts working, let’s talk about what you can order from it.

Restaurant Delivery

Most people use DoorDash to order food. There are hundreds of restaurants, bakeries, and cafes registered on it.

Grocery Delivery

One of the delivery app’s newer services is grocery delivery. It was launched in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and became an instant hit.

Prescription Delivery

Like you can order groceries, you can get your prescriptions delivered as well. Just know that there aren’t as many chemists on DoorDash compared to restaurants and grocery shops.

Is DoorDash Safe?

No one would blame you for asking this question. After all, the delivery guy would be a stranger.

Yes, the delivery app hires independent contractors, similar to Lyft, Uber Eats, GrubHub and PostMates, but they do thorough background searches on everyone they take on board.

Just as you may be wary of the person making your delivery, he might be wary of you too. He would be driving to a stranger’s house, after all.

DoorDash advises drivers not to put themselves in a situation they think is dangerous. They can avoid orders, as long as they have a justified reason for feeling unsafe.

Doordash Delivery Times For 2023

There is no set time for when DoorDash starts working. You can open and browse the app any time you want, but the shops featured on it would likely only open after 7 AM. Most of them would close at around midnight, in case you’re wondering.

The delivery service app has become popular for a reason. It not only lets you buy food from any eatery or bistro in your area and neighboring towns, but you’ll also be able to get groceries and prescriptions refilled too.

Whatever you want to order, you can utilize the delivery app’s Scheduling feature. It can schedule an order hour or even days in advance.

If you want your delivery guy to get to you fast, be wise with when you order. Avoid ordering during rush hour.

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of the service.

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