Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Good?

If you are new to working out at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if the tanning beds that it offers are any good. If they provide a high-quality tanning experience or if they are not worth the time.

This is a good question to ask as not all tanning beds are created equal, especially not gym tanning beds. To find out if Planet Fitness offers high-quality tanning bed options, keep reading for more information.

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Are The Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Good?

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are considered to be of great quality and provide good results for gym tanning beds. They have a sufficient supply of UV heat, which results in an even and natural-looking tan. They are not any more dangerous than any other tanning bed either.

The Planet Fitness tanning beds are safe and made to be high-quality despite being gym tanning beds. They provide good tanning results and can give you the physical look that you are going for.

They do not have any more risks involved than any other kind of tanning bed does. There is the risk of burning and skin damage, but every tanning bed could carry these side effects.

The most important thing is to use the tanning beds wisely and to not use them for too long or too frequently. Only using them to give your skin color is the best option, and they should not be used all of the time.

As long as you are careful and do not overdo it, these tanning beds are perfectly safe and can provide amazon results. If you are unsure of how to safely use a Planet Fitness tanning bed, ask an employee for help.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Open All Day?

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are open the same hours as the location you are going to. Most Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, so the tanning beds are also available 24/7.

Just keep in mind that all tanning beds have a time limit, so you can only use them for that set amount of time for safety reasons. State laws also require you to only use the tanning bed once every 24 hours.

Because of this, you cannot get around the time limit as you can only tan once a day.

Some Planet Fitness locations will also have a spray tan booth. This will have the hours posted nearby so that you can go to get a spray tan when it is available.

Because the tanning beds are open 24 hours a day in locations that are open 24 hours, you can use the tanning bed at night as well. This allows you to have more privacy and can be a relaxing experience.

All tanning beds also have safety features added in case you were to fall asleep inside. The timer will help to ensure that you are not in there for longer than you should be.

Generally, the tanning booth, if available, will not be open at night as an employee has to be there to give the spray tans.

Can Anyone Use The Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Good

Not just anyone can have access to the Planet Fitness tanning beds. This is a luxury that only the black card members get to enjoy.

Even if you have the basic $10 plan, you still cannot use the tanning beds as that membership does not include this option. You would have to upgrade to get a black card, which would cost $22.99 per month.

Though black card members can bring a guest, guests also cannot use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. Guests only have access to the workout area and do not get to use other black card benefits.

So, if you want to be able to enjoy the other options that Planet Fitness has to offer, you have to invest in the black card membership. It is over twice the amount of money that a basic membership costs, but it might be worth it.

It depends on what exactly you want to have access to when you go to the Planet Fitness gym.

Is Tanning at Planet Fitness a Good Option?

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are top quality and can provide a great tanning experience. They function as they should and can help you to achieve that sunkissed glow that you are after.

Is Tanning at Planet Fitness a Good Option

They are no worse than any other tanning bed and have the necessary safety features in place to help you use them safely. They can only be used for a certain amount of time, and state law restricts you to use them only once in 24 hours.

These tanning beds are only available to black card members as no other membership includes the tanning beds. You also cannot bring guests to enjoy the tanning beds as guests can only use the workout area.

Some Planet Fitness locations also have a tanning booth available for a certain amount of hours each day. This gives you a less permanent option to use on your skin.

The tanning beds will be available to use during the times that your Planet Fitness location is open. If it is open 24 hours a day, then the tanning beds will also be available to use 24 hours a day.

Just keep in mind that you cannot use the Planet fitness tanning beds more than once every 24 hours. Ideally, you shouldn’t use it any more than once a week or every two weeks for the health of your skin.

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