Can I Decline Orders on DoorDash?

If you are a new DoorDash driver you may be wondering if you can decline orders. Declining orders can be a good thing depending on the situation. I’ll let you know if it is okay to decline orders on DoorDash.

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Is It Okay to Decline DoorDash Orders?

Yes, it is actually okay to decline DoorDash orders. You aren’t expected to accept all orders. There are different reasons why you may need to or want to decline some of the DoorDash orders that you receive. Just know that it is okay.

Why Should I Decline DoorDash Orders?

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to decline DoorDash orders. One reason is that the customer lives in a neighborhood that you aren’t comfortable going into. We all know that there are bad neighborhoods that have a lot of crime.

It is normal to not want to go into a certain area or to be scared to enter certain neighborhoods. Another reason you may want to decline a DoorDash order is if it is too far out. If you live in a bigger area, you may get orders that are further out.

Maybe you only have a little bit of gas or not enough gas to go all the way out. Or the customer could be someone you have had problems with before and you recognize their address. You don’t want to go to someone’s house that you have issues with.

It could be someone that you know personally but don’t get along with. You wouldn’t want to go to their house because they may not take too well to you showing up at their home. People are crazy these days and you have to be very careful.

Will DoorDash Stop Sending Me Orders If I Decline?

Can I Decline Orders on DoorDash_

Rumor has it that if you decline too many orders DoorDash will stop sending you orders. This is not true. DoorDash will not stop sending you orders just because you decline some of them.

There are people who decline a lot of orders but yet they still get other orders. DoorDash really doesn’t care. They will keep sending you orders and you can choose to accept them or not.

If you decline orders, it really doesn’t matter what the reason is. The choice is yours. You can decline orders as much as you want or need to.

DoorDash is not messed up about how many orders you decline. So don’t worry that you will not get any more orders. This is definitely not the case with DoorDash because they just really don’t care.

If you want to decline DoorDash orders, you can. No one is going to try to stop you at all. Do what you feel is right for you and if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain order, decline it.

How Many DoorDash Orders Can I Decline?

There is no limit on how many DoorDash orders you can decline. You can decline as many orders as you need to. Some people will try to scare you into accepting orders but DoorDash does not care how many orders you decline.

It is possible that DoorDash may become suspicious of you if you decline every single order that you get. But then again, they are not going to say too much if anything because they don’t care about their gig workers like that. In reality, if you decline a lot of orders, you are messing up your own money and that is less that DoorDash has to pay you.

So of course, DoorDash does not mind you declining orders. They won’t have to pay you for that order if you decline it so it doesn’t make sense for them to be bothered or upset that you are declining.

Personally, if you are going to work for DoorDash I would do things the right way. Accept as many orders as you can and then do the work. But as I mentioned before, if you really can’t take the order don’t accept it and then don’t go through with it.

Instead, all you have to do is decline the order and move on to the next.

Will I Be Penalized for Declining DoorDash Orders?

Can I Decline Orders on DoorDash

No, you will not be penalized for declining DoorDash orders. DoorDash orders are take it or leave it. You get to choose if you want to accept them or not.

DoorDash is not going to penalize you for declining DoorDash orders.

Can I Decline DoorDash Orders I Don’t Want?

If you don’t want certain DoorDash orders you can decline those orders. You do not have to feel obligated to accept all DoorDash orders. Some people think that you shouldn’t decline DoorDash orders. Not wanting certain DoorDash orders will not affect your getting orders.

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