Can I Use a Chipotle Gift Card on Doordash?

If you want to order off of Doordash, you may be wondering if it will accept a chipotle gift card as payment. This is a good question to ask, especially if you have gift cards for restaurants.

Doordash offers several different payment options for its customers to choose from when ordering. To find out whether or not you can use your Chipotle gift card on Doordash, keep reading.

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Can I Use a Chipotle Gift Card For a Doordash Order?

You cannot use a Chipotle gift card to pay for your Doordash order, even if it is from Chipotle. This is because Doordash does not accept gift cards to restaurants as they cannot cover the additional expenses that Doordash charges customers.

Doordash does not accept any kind of gift card, even if it is to a restaurant that is offered on the Doordash app. This is because these gift cards only qualify to pay for food items from that particular restaurant.

Doordash is a third-party service and is not in any way affiliated with the restaurants that it delivers from. Because of this, Doordash cannot legally take money from a gift card to cover its fees.

Doordash has several fees, and a gift card cannot pay for them, so customers would have to use two different payment methods. This would be too complicated and open the door for issues with orders later on down the road.

This is why Doordash does not accept gift cards as payment when ordering takeout.

How Does the Doordash Gift Card Work?

The good thing is that even though Doordash does not accept restaurant gift cards, it has created a gift card that does work. This Doordash gift card is specifically designed to be used for Doordash orders.

This is a great option for people who want to use their gift cards but can’t on Doordash. The Doordash gift card can be bought and gifted to friends and family who like ordering from Doordash.

It is the perfect alternative option. Just keep in mind that Doordash gift cards can only ever be used for Doordash orders, they cannot be used anywhere else.

Will Doordash Accept a Chipotle Gift Card?

Can I Use a Chipotle Gift Card on Doordash

Doordash will not accept a Chipotle gift card as it is against its policies to accept restaurant gift cards. This is because a gift card cannot cover any of Doordash’s additional fees like delivery, taxes, service fees, and the optional tip.

This makes it impossible for Doordash to accept gift cards unless it changes the way customers can check out. For it to be possible, there would have to be the option of paying with two different payment options.

This would drastically overcomplicate the process and leave room for more errors to occur when ordering Doordash. That is why Doordash just doesn’t allow gift cards at all.

An alternative option is to buy a Doordash gift card. This is a card specifically made for Doordash, and it works just like an ordinary gift card. Only it is made for Doordash and can only be used for Doordash orders.

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