Can Someone Else Pick Up My Target Drive Up Order?

Do you want to order a Target drive-up order but can’t pick it up yourself? If this is a problem you are having, you may want to know if someone else can pick up your Target drive-up order on your behalf.

This is a common question among Target shoppers as they cannot always find the time to pick up their Target order. Because of this, many customers may want to have someone else pick it up for them so they don’t have to.

Keep reading to find out whether or not someone else can pick up your Target drive-up order for you.

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Can I Have Someone Pick Up My Target Drive Up Order?

Target drive-up orders can be picked up either by you or another person who you chose. When making your order, you can add a second pickup person or a shopping partner who will pick up the Target order on your behalf.

To schedule your drive up order so that someone else can pick it up, you need to do the following:

  • Have a Target app account
  • Edit the pickup person option
  • Check the box next to the person to pick up the order

The shopping partner will then be the one to get the notification when your order is ready to be picked up. They should also bring a photo ID with them as proof that they are the pickup person.

This is a simple and effective way to have someone else pick up your Target drive-up order for you.

Can I Get a Refund for a Target Pick Up Order?

You can get a refund for a drive-up and pick-up order if you cancel it. This can be done at any time, and you will be refunded for that order.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Target Drive Up Order

This is simple because Target staff will just put your order items back in the store where they found them. Allowing you to cancel your order at any time with no necessary obligations.

Target will also hold your pick-up order for up to three days if you do not show up to grab it. After three days, it will cancel the order itself and give you an automatic refund.

So whether you cancel the order or just don’t pick it up, you will get refunded for the full amount.

Keep in mind that orders containing fresh produce will not be refunded. The amount of money for the product will still be charged to you, while you will get refunded for any non-produce items within the order.

This is why it is a good idea to pick up your Target order if it includes fresh produce. Otherwise, you will still have to pay for that food even if you don’t end up picking it up.

Why is My Target Pickup Order Still Processing?

If your Target pick up order is still processing, it is most likely not ready to be picked up yet. Most Target pick-up orders can be ready within two hours, after that, they should be marked as available.

You do not want to try to pick it up sooner as it most likely won’t be ready to be picked up. You need to wait until the processing stage is over and it is marked as ready.

There are some instances where it may take longer to process than other orders. This can depend on what you ordered and how busy the store was at that time.

You should give the order at least three hours to process before calling to ask why it is taking so long. Sometimes Target is low on staff, or the store is just too busy that day to quickly process pick-up orders.

Can Someone Other Than Me Get My Target Drive Up Order?

If you have a Target drive-up order processing, but you don’t have time to get it, you may be wondering if someone else can pick it up. The answer to this is that you can have someone else get it for you.

Target allows this and has a section on the app where you can arrange to have a different pick-up person get your order. These p[eople are typically called shopping partners and can help you to get your order.

You can choose a shopping partner, and they will be notified when the order is ready to be picked up. Then they can grab it and bring it directly to you to help you save time.

This is a great way to take advantage of target drive-up orders even if you cannot pick them up yourself.

Keep in mind that Target will also hold onto your order for three days, so you can even pick it up later when you have the time. If you haven’t gotten it after three days, you will be issued a refund on anything that isn’t fresh produce.

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