Can You Rent a U-Haul Without a Credit Card?

Renting a U-Haul can be an excellent way to transport your stuff during a move. But before you schedule your rental, consider what you’ll need to provide.

That way, you can figure out if you’ll need a credit card or to borrow one from a friend.

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Do You Need a Credit Card to Rent a U-Haul?

You don’t need a credit card to rent a U-Haul. If you don’t have a credit card, you can use a debit card from Visa or Mastercard to reserve a rental online. When that’s not an option, you will need to reserve the truck in person with a cash deposit.

Even if you reserve a U-Haul with a credit card, you don’t have to pay that way. But if you choose to pay that way, you or the cardholder should be present to pick up the truck.

How to Rent a U-Haul With a Credit Card

To rent a U-Haul with a credit card, you can reserve your moving truck online. That way, you can schedule the rental for whenever you need it.

When the moving date arrives, you’ll go to U-Haul to pick up the vehicle. You will then need to sign a contract before you can drive off the lot.

If you reserve a pickup truck or cargo van, U-Haul will charge you for the rental when you pick it up. You can then pay with the credit card you used for the reservation, or you can select a different payment method.

U-Haul won’t charge you for the rental for any of the larger moving trucks until you return the vehicle to a U-Haul center. As with the smaller vehicles, you can use the same credit card or a different payment method when renting a moving truck.

What Credit Cards Does U-Haul Accept?

Can You Rent a U-Haul Without a Credit Card

U-Haul accepts credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can use a card from these companies to reserve and pay for your rental.

If you prefer to pay with cash, that’s okay. However, you’ll still need to use one of these credit cards if you want to schedule your rental online or over the phone.

You’ll need to use a card under your name. Alternatively, you can use a card from someone else if they’re willing to pick up the rental with you. You’ll need to show some sort of credit card at the time of pickup, whether that’s the one you used to reserve the vehicle or not.

How to Rent a U-Haul With a Debit Card

If you don’t have a credit card, you can rent a U-Haul with a debit card. When going this route, you’ll need a card with Visa or Mastercard on it.

You should follow the same steps as renting with a credit card. That means you can schedule the rental online or over the phone. Make sure you have your debit card on hand so that you can give the number when necessary.

Also like with credit cards, you can reserve a U-Haul with a debit card and use another payment method. Similarly, you will need to bring the debit card you used to reserve the rental when you pick up the truck.

How to Rent a U-Haul Without a Card

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can still rent a U-Haul. However, it will take a bit more work to reserve the truck. You have to go to U-Haul itself to place your reservation, and you will need to place a cash deposit.

U-Haul requires a $100 deposit for in-town moves. If the estimated fee will be more than $100, you will need to provide that amount. Most in-town moves should cost less than $100 unless you plan to take multiple days for the move.

When moving one way, you will need to bring $100 plus the rental rate for the move. Depending on how far you’re moving, this could add up.

If you don’t want to pay in cash, another option is to get a U-Haul Gift Certificate. You can purchase a Gift Certificate ahead of time to use for your rental. That way, you won’t have to bring a ton of cash or go in person to reserve your equipment.

Is Renting a U-Haul With a Credit Card Cheaper?

Renting a U-Haul with a credit card may be cheaper than placing a cash deposit. For one, you don’t need to bring cash or go to the U-Haul center.

However, the moving company may place a hold on your credit card. That way, the company knows it will get the money that you owe for the rental.

This may not be a big deal, but it’s worth knowing. If you have a lot of autopayments on one credit card, those payments may not go through if you don’t have enough available credit on the card.

Consider using another credit card for the reservation or even a debit card. You may even decide a cash deposit is worth it. Then, you’ll be able to move when you need to without missing other essential payments.

Can You Rent a U-Haul Without a Credit Card_

Should You Rent a U-Haul Without a Credit Card?

Renting a U-Haul is easy to do when you have a credit card. But whether you don’t have a card or don’t want to use it, you have options. Consider using a debit card, cash, or purchasing a Gift Certificate. Then, you can reserve the truck for when you need it without affecting other payments.

On top of debit and credit card payments, U-Haul also offers several other options to settle your rental fees. It is worth noting that U-Haul allows its customers to make payments using an array of mediums.

Accessible Payment Options

  • Cash Payments: U-Haul permits cash payments for their rentals. It is important to note that in this case, customers must also provide an active credit card to facilitate the transaction. This credit card will be held against any contingencies such as damages to the rented property.
  • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards are accepted at U-Haul for settling rental fees. These cards could be branded by Visa, Mastercard, or even U-Haul. It is, however, advisable to ensure the balance on these prepaid cards is adequate enough to cover rental charges.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer: This method enables customers to directly transfer funds electronically from their bank account to pay for their rentals. This mode of payment requires the customer to provide their bank’s routing number and their account number. These transactions often have longer processing times and hence, should be initiated well in advance of the rental pick-up date.

Mandatory Rental Insurance

Apart from the rental fees, U-Haul also requires its customers to purchase insurance coverage for the rented equipment. This insurance covers any damages incurred during the rental period. The insurance cost can be covered using the payment methods previously mentioned.

Deposit for Cash Rentals

For customers intending to make cash payments, an upfront deposit will be required. This deposit, which ranges between $100 and $500 depending on the type of equipment, is held against any potential damages done to the rented property.

Considerations When Renting With Cash or Debit Card

While cash and debit cards present viable alternatives to credit card payments, it’s also important to recognize the implications that come with these methods. Consider these factors:


  • No Credit Check: Renting with cash or a debit card does not require a credit check. This is beneficial for customers who either have limited credit history or prefer to keep their credit card-related data confidential.
  • Budgeting: When you pay with cash or a debit card, you can manage your finances more effectively and avoid overspending. This is particularly important for those on a tight budget or who need to keep a watch on their spending.
  • Convenience: If you don’t have a credit card or choose not to use it, making payments using cash or a debit card is a sound choice.


  • Higher Deposits: Customers who rent with cash or a debit card may be required to pay a larger deposit compared to credit card payments. This is to ensure U-Haul can cover any damages or additional fees if they arise.
  • Limited Rental Locations: Some U-Haul locations may only accept debit or credit card payments, which limits your rental options.
  • Lack of Rewards: Credit cards often have rewards or other benefits that you won’t be able to access when paying with cash or a debit card.
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