Chipotle Extra Rice

If you regularly enjoy going out to eat at Chipotle, you may wonder if it is okay if you ask for extra rice. This is a common question as people like certain ingredients and may like to double up on that ingredient in their order.

Chipotle is a unique fast-food restaurant as it allows customers to customize their orders as it is being made. Because of this, it is normal to wonder if you can get extra of one thing and maybe less of another.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can ask for extra rice at Chipotle.

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Can You Ask For Extra Rice at Chipotle?

You can ask for extra rice or an extra scoop of anything at Chipotle as it allows you to customize any meal that you order. This is one of the big plus sides to Chipotle, as you can get creative with how you have your meal made.

Can You Get Extra Rice at Chipotle

Chipotle has always allowed customers to customize their meal or add extra of certain items. This is how Chipotle works as it is set up much like Subway, as you can pick and choose what is added to your order.

This allows you to add extra rice, beans, salsa, meat, or any other kind of ingredient that you like. You can even ask for another ingredient to be left out so that you can have double or triple the amount of rice.

Almost all Chipotle locations will happily allow this within reason. You cannot try to ask for a lot of extra rice at Chipotle. Employees must make sure that they have enough ingredients for other customers.

As a rule, it is best to never ask for more than an extra scoop of an ingredient as this is almost always allowed. Once you start asking for more, you may be interfering with the line-up and how much food is available for all of the customers.

Does Extra Rice at Chipotle Cost Extra?

You can almost always ask for extra rice with your order without being charged for the extra rice. This goes for beans, veggies, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and tortillas as well.

Chipotle Extra Rice

You will usually only be charged extra if you are ordering more queso, guacamole, or meat. These are pricier options and will cost you a bit more to double up on when you order.

Though it is important to keep in mind that some Chipotle locations may be a bit different. Some have had bad experiences with customers trying to order far more food than they are paying for.

Because of this, some locations only give one extra scoop of ice for free or won’t even do that. You will want to ask just to be sure, though most employees will tell you if it will be an extra charge or not.

It is best to not ask for more than one extra scoop of rice and to not do this for more than two or three ingredients. If you go too far and start to ask for too much food, you will be charged for the extras.

Can You Get Extra Rice at Chipotle?

You can get extra rice at Chipotle with any order as Chipotle gladly adjusts portion sizes. Though most customers only get one scoop of rice, you can always ask for a second scoop without any issues.

Most Chipotle employees are happy to accommodate you as long as they are not running low on rice. As long as there is enough, you should be able to get extra helping.

Asking for extra rice should also be something that you can get for free. Chipotle does not typically charge for extras of any of its basic ingredients, such as beans, rice, salsa, cheese, tortillas, and sour cream.

Though you will be charged extra for more meat or guacamole as these are pricier ingredients. You also should not ask for too much of anything extra as you will be charged more if you start to ask for too much extra food.

Chipotle has to be careful about portion sizes, otherwise, it could lose a great deal of money within a week. This is one some locations will be more strict than others as people try to take advantage of Chipotle’s portion sizes.

This means that some locations will only give you a little extra rice for free and may charge you once you get more than one extra scoop of food.

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