Chipotle Military Discount

Anyone who is in the military or is a veteran may wonder if Chipotle offers any kind of military discount. This is a good question to ask as many restaurants do offer this kind of discount to military and veterans.

This can allow you to eat out at a more affordable price if you are or have been in the military. Chipotle is a very popular fast-food restaurant, so it would not be unusual to wonder if it has any military-specific discounts.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle offers a military discount to customers.

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Does Chipotle Have a Military Discount?

Chipotle offers a special military discount for active-duty military and veterans, though this is not available everywhere. There is a lot of mixed information about this discount as only select locations offer it, and the discount can vary quite a bit.

This discount is most likely a free side of chips and a dipping option or a $5 discount off of your total order. We do not know for sure as the website does not mention any details, and any information is mixed.

Only select locations offer this discount, so you may have to call and ask about it or ask in person when you are ordering. A Chipotle employee should be able to tell you if the discount is available there or not.

If the discount is available, you will need to have your military ID to prove that you are a military person or a veteran. This is required, otherwise you won’t get to have the military discount if it is available.

Does Chipotle Give Free Meals to Veterans?

Chipotle is one of many restaurants that has offered veterans a free meal on Veterans day in celebration of their service. This is something that it has done for many years and looks to be continuing the tradition.

Chipotle Military Discount

This is a special kind of discount where any veteran can walk into the restaurant and request a free meal on Veterans Day. Just keep in mind this is only available on the actual holiday and no other day of the year.

This deal changes sometimes by year as Chipotle experiments with what discount works best. Sometimes this is a buy one get one free kind of discount for veterans.

If this is the case, the free entree must be the same amount as the paid entree to get the discount.

No matter what kind of discount it is, sides and drinks are usually not included. This discount is for one free entree, and anything else will have to be paid for out of pocket.

Many Chipotle locations have the freedom to offer special deals or not to, as well as change them up. Because of this, you will want to ask about any discounts or free meals for Veterans Day in the restaurant or by phone.

Every location will be a bit different, and you will want to know what kinds of discounts you are entitled to. Just make sure you have your military ID with you so that you can prove that you can get the discount.

Does Chipotle Give Regular Discounts?

Chipotle gives all kinds of discounts for all kinds of reasons. This is just part of why it is such a popular place to grab a bite to eat.

While Chipotle has a military discount, it also has ordinary discounts that anyone can take advantage of. Many of these discounts are a part of its Chipotle rewards program on the Chipotle app.

This gives you access to earn points the more you order food, and once you have enough points, they can be used to get free food. This is one of Chipotle’s best kinds of discounts.

It also has a $1 delivery fee for any orders over $10 on a daily basis. Anyone can have access to this deal, and it is available every day for anyone who wants to order delivery.

Just keep in mind that this delivery discount is only available if you order on the Chipotle app, and not on a third-party service.

The Chipotle rewards program also offers a birthday discount where you can get a free side of chips and guacamole as well as $5 off your order. Some locations may even give you a free entree, but no one knows for sure.

Is There a Military Discount at Chipotle?

Chipotle offers a wide assortment of discounts, so it makes sense to wonder if it also offers military discounts. Though not every Chipotle location does this, there are some that offer discounts to those who are in or have been in the military.

Oftentimes, this is left up to the decision of the manager of that Chipotle location. If they decide to offer a military discount, you can expect either a free side or a discount off of your total order.

These are the typical kinds of discounts that you will find though they can be different by location. On Veterans Day, Chipotle also usually offers veterans a free meal.

This is usually one free entree with no sides or drinks unless you want to pay for those. Sometimes the discount is a free entree when you buy an entree, so buy one get one free.

All of these discounts will depend on your Chipotle location, so you will have to ask about any military or veteran discounts. You can do this on the phone or simply walk into the restaurant to ask.

Make sure to bring your military ID to show that you are eligible for a military discount if there is one.

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