Do Walmart Employees Get a Discount on Gas?

If you are thinking of getting a job at Walmart, you are probably wondering if you can get a discount on gas. This is a popular question as ga is one of those expenses that eats the most into your income no matter where you work.

No matter what job you have, you are bound to have some kind of benefit or discount that you have access to. The same goes for Walmart employees, as they have their own discounts that they can use.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can use a Walmart employee discount on gas.

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Do Walmart Employees Get a Gas Discount?

Unfortunately, Walmart employees do not get a discount on their gas as this is not one of the discounts that Walmart offers. Though a gas discount would be much appreciated by employees, Walmart is a bit stingy with its employee discounts.

Working at Walmart comes with a few perks, but getting discounted gas is not one of them. This is unfortunate considering how much people end up spending on gas just to get to work.

This is especially pricey for those employees that have to drive a bit to get to work. All of this gas can add up fast and really cut into your earnings.

This may be something that Walmart decides to add in the future, but for right now, Walmart employees do not get discounted gas. They will simply have to set aside some of their earnings to cover their gas expenses.

Though Walmart does have other discounts that employees can take advantage of. This is one perk to working at Walmart, even if these discounts don’t cover gas.

What Kinds of Discounts do Walmart Employees Get?

Though Walmart does not give its employees a discount on gas. That does not mean that you don’t get any discounts at all. In fact, all Walmart employees do get one kind of special discount.

Do Walmart Employees Get a Discount on Gas

This is a 10% off discount that all Walmart employees have access to. You will be able to use this discount 90 days after working at Walmart as a new hire.

This 10% discount is good for online and in-store purchases of general merchandise. This is quite a vague statement, especially since there are several restrictions to this 10% discount for employees.

What is general merchandise, and what is included and not included in the discount? Well, certain things are restricted, such as:

  • Mamy food items
  • Shipping charges
  • Travel items
  • Gift cards
  • Photo orders
  • Tires
  • Rollback items
  • Price matches
  • Clearance items

These are all items that you cannot use your discount on as a Walmart employee. You can generally get some food items, including normally priced foods, fresh produce, and some frozen foods.

It also seems as though these restrictions are lifted during Christmas time so that employees can purchase what they want. This is very useful and could be a great way to snag some low-priced Christmas gifts with your discount.

Despite having some restrictions and not covering gas, this Walmart discount can come in handy and help you to save some money. Especially if you want to pick up groceries at Walmart after your shift has ended.

How Do You Get a 10-Cents Gas Discount at Walmart?

There is a way that you can get a handy discount on your gas, whether you work at Walmart or are just a shopper. This involves getting a Walmart membership so that you have access to this discount.

All Walmart members receive an immediate discount of 10-cents per gallon of gas when they go to fill up. This goes for all gas stations that participate in this discount with Walmart.

Though 10-cents may not seem like much, it can add up fast and lead to significant savings. This is especially useful as it is not hard to become a Walmart member, and it comes with many other benefits as well.

This could make it well worth it to become a Walmart member whether you work there or not.

Can I Get a Discount on Gas as a Walmart Employee?

Unfortunately, Walmart employees do not get a discount on their gas prices. This is not a discount that Walmart has available despite popular demand.

Instead, Walmart gives all employees a 10% discount that they can use after they have worked there for 90- days. Once you get your discount, you can use it to buy Walmart merchandise online or in-store.

This can be a great perk to working at Walmart and can help you to save some money. It is not a significant discount, but any little bit of savings can help.

Though you will have to keep in mind that this discount does come with several restrictions. You might want to ask about these before trying to use your discount on any purchases.

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